01 juillet 2008

Big Blue Ball's Credits

Title: Big Blue Ball

Artist: Big Blue Ball

Catalogue #: USCDRW150 (US album)
USCDRW153 (US alternative artwork)
CDRW150 (European album)
USLPRW150 (Double LP)
USLPRW152 (Limited Edition Blue vinyl double LP)

1. Habibe

Vocals: Natacha Atlas
Drums & percussion: Hossam Ramzy, Neil Sparkes
Strings: The Hossam Ramzy Egyptian Ensemble (Wael Abu Bakr, Adel
Eskander, Momtaz Talaat)
Saz: Tim Whelan
Keyboards: Stephen Hague
Programming: Chuck Norman
Written by Natacha Atlas, Hossam Ramzy, Vernon Reid, Neil Sparkes
Published by Annie Reed Music/Hossam Ramzy PRS, MCPS & PAMRA/
copyright control/Real World Music Ltd

2. Shadow
Vocals: Papa Wemba
Backing Vocals: Reddy Amisi
Guitar: Cañizares
Percussion: The Papa Wemba Band
Bongos: Laurent Coatalen
Frame Drums: Tchad Blake
Written by Cañizares, Peter Gabriel, Karl Wallinger, Shungu Wembadio
Published by JMC Music Productions S.L./Real World Music Ltd/Universal
Music Publishing/Real World Works Ltd

3. altus silva
Vocals: Joseph Arthur, Iarla Ó Lionáird
Bass: Noel Ekwabi
Conga: The Papa Wemba Band
Piano, keyboards: Eric Mouquet and Michel Sanchez
Guitar synth: Vernon Reid
Whistle, low whistle: James McNally
Uilleann pipes: Ronan Browne
Programming: Chuck Norman
Keyboards, harmonium and flute like body bells: Tchad Blake
Written by Joseph Arthur, Ronan Browne, James McNally, Eric Mouquet, Iarla
Ó Lionáird & Michel Sanchez
Published by Real World Music Ltd/ WOMAD Music Ltd/Editions La Paya
(Catalogue YEAA Music)/Michel Sanchez Music (MSM)
4. Exit Through You
Vocals: Joseph Arthur, Peter Gabriel
Guitar: Joseph Arthur, Karl Wallinger
Bass: Peter Gabriel
Keyboards: Peter Gabriel
Backing Vocals: Justin Adams, Karl Wallinger
Programming: Chuck Norman
Shaker, tambourine, bass: Tchad Blake
Written by Joseph Arthur & Peter Gabriel
Published by Real World Music Ltd

5. Everything Comes From You
Vocals: Sinead O’Connor
Backing vocals: Sevara Nazarkhan
Drums, percussion, Chinese drum: Joji Hirota
Drums: Ged Lynch
Flutes: Guo Yue
Keyboards: Rupert Hine
Piano: Angie Pollock
Guitar, mandolin and recorder: Richard Evans
Written by Joji Hirota & Sinead O’Connor
Published by WOMAD Music Ltd/EMI Music Publishing

6. Burn You Up, Burn You Down
Vocals, keyboards: Peter Gabriel
Backing vocals: The Holmes Brothers: Wendell, Sherman & Popsi; Jules Shear;
Karl Wallinger
Guitar: Justin Adams
Guitar: David Rhodes
Bass: Jah Wobble, Wendy Melvoin
Djembe, sabar: Arona N’Diaye
Drums: Billy Cobham
Programming: Chuck Norman
Guitar synth, organ, skin shake, hi hat, frame drum: Tchad Blake
Written by Peter Gabriel, Neil Sparkes & Karl Wallinger
Published by Real World Music/Universal Publishing Ltd

7. Forest
Vocals: Hukwe Zawose
Guitar: Vernon Reid
Percussion: Arona N’Diaye
Doudouk: Levon Minassian
Programming: Chuck Norman and Stephen Hague
Written by Levon Minassian, Arona N’Diaye, Chuck Norman & Hukwe Zawose
Published by Explorians/Copyright Control/WOMAD Music Ltd

8. Rivers
Lead vocal, flute: Marta Sebestyen
Bass: Karl Wallinger
Drones, river pad, general programming: Chuck Norman
Guitar synth: Vernon Reid
Accordion: Stephen Hague
Drones: Peter Gabriel
Written by Marta Sebestyen
Published by Kismet Bt.

9. Jijy
Vocals: Rossy
Programming: Chuck Norman and Stephen Hague
Percussion: Arona N’Diaye
Bass: Jah Wobble
Written by Peter Gabriel, Rossy, Karl Wallinger, Jah Wobble
Published by Real World Music Ltd/Heaven Music PRS MCPS/Universal Music
Publishing/Copyright Control

10. Whole Thing (Original Mix)
Lead vocal, keyboards: Peter Gabriel
Guitars: Karl Wallinger, Paul Allen
Nord brass, backing vocals: Alex Faku
Flutes: Francis Bebey
Backing vocals: Tim Finn, Andy White
Programming: Chuck Norman
Toms: Tchad Blake
Written by Alexis Faku, Tim Finn, Peter Gabriel, Geoffrey Oryema, Karl
Wallinger & Andy White
Published by Gallo Music Publishers/Mushroom Music Pty/Real World Music
Ltd/WOMAD Music Ltd/Universal Music Publishing/Reverb Music Ltd

11. Big Blue Ball
Vocals, acoustic guitar, bass, keyboards: Karl Wallinger
Piano, organ, keyboards, solo keyboards: Peter Gabriel
Drums: Manu Katché
Accordion: Stephen Hague
Programming: Chuck Norman
Kick drum, bells: Tchad Blake
Written by Karl Wallinger
Published by Universal Music Publishing

Produced by Peter Gabriel, Steven Hague and Karl Wallinger
Original recordings produced by Peter Gabriel and Karl Wallinger except ‘altus
silva’ by Eric Mouquet and Michel Sanchez
Mixed by Tchad Blake except ‘Habibe’ by Stephen Hague and ‘Everything
Comes From You’ by Richard Chappell

Thanks to Ocean

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