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21 mai 2005

Transcript of Bono interview

..."Discotheque," we viewed it as our response to Peter Gabriel experimenting. We wanted it to be our "Sledgehammer". Imagine if "Discotheque" was a No. 1 pop song? Now that record makes sense. We didn't have the discipline to screw the thing down, and turn it into a magic pop song. We didn't have the discipline to make "Mo Fo" into a loud concoction of rock 'n' roll, trance crossover. We learned from that album. We'd become progressive rock! Ahhh! It's on us!...

Toto La Momposina

Le 28/05/2005 à Brest (France)

Portée par les tambours, une voix d'une intensité et d'une profondeur exceptionnelle. L'urgence de la tradition dans un monde bouleversé, chantée par l'une des plus grandes artistes d'Amérique latine.Fougueuse chanteuse au timbre de feu, Toto la Momposina plante le décor des fêtes et carnavals de son pays natal, la Colombie. Gabriel Garcia Marquez n'a d'oreille que pour elle : selon lui, personne n'incarne avec plus de pertinence la Colombie d'aujourd'hui, ses métissages musicaux, sa joyeuse spiritualité. Dans sa voix brûle un feu sacré et le souvenir des souffrances passées. Quand elle croise le souffle des cuivres, des flûtes et des tambours, il y a baile cantado et on ne résiste pas à tant d'authenticité et de spontanéité. Toto la Momposina enregistre pour le label de Peter Gabriel, Real World Works Ltd.

Welcome to the (high tech) monkey house

Welcome to the (high tech) monkey house

If bonobo chimpanzees are “the closest you can get to being human without being human,” as they’ve been called by researchers, then it’s only natural that they’ve got a little bit of gadget lust in them.

So, we’re pleased to hear that the Great Ape Trust in Des Moines, Iowa, has constructed a $10 million high-tech home for their bonobos (including star Kanzi, pictured, who makes stone knives and has performed with Peter Gabriel), which includes video intercoms, flush toilets and touch-screen communicators.

No word yet on whether they’ll have web access, but if we start seeing comments on the blog about “Shock the Monkey” being a big misunderstanding, we’ll know where they’re from.

20 mai 2005

Discuter en Français de Peter Gabriel et de son univers

Discuter en Français de Peter Gabriel et de son univers c'est ici :

A great cover of Peter Gabriel’s “Washing of the Water”

Doug Wamble’s lyrics have a good blend of whimsy, irony and satirical vision, making the songs on Bluestate (Marsalis Music/Rounder) often quite entertaining. “The Homewrecker Hump” for instance or “No More Shrubs in Casablanca” aren’t exactly what constitute usual thematic territory on a blues session, but they’re both musically solid and very catchy.

“Rockin’ Jerusalem” and a great cover of Peter Gabriel’s “Washing of the Water” are more musically intriguing, offering ample evidence of Wamble’s guitar skills, as well as those of pianist Roy Dunlap, bassist Jeff Hanley and drummer Peter Miles. In fact, this foursome really functions as a unit, presenting a polished but not detached style and sounding just as strong when opening and closing numbers as during their feature moments. Wamble sometimes ventures into the jam mode as well, but blues with a jazz foundation seems the main base that anchors this nice second CD release.

a killer cover of Peter Gabriel's "Sledgehammer"

Trey Anastasio's sold-out concert last week at the Chicago Auditorium Theatre featured a killer cover of Peter Gabriel's "Sledgehammer"a song that the former Phish frontman has been trotting out nightly on his current tour.

15 mai 2005

Chimps in 'Big Brother house' will learn how to be human

Chimps in 'Big Brother house' will learn how to be human

They will live in a specially-built house, monitored 24 hours a day by closed-circuit television cameras that will capture their most intimate moments. Unlike the contestants on Channel 4's Big Brother reality show, however, these inhabitants will not be selling their kiss and tell stories to the newspapers.
One early visitor to the complex is expected to be Peter Gabriel, the rock musician. He first observed the bonobos' flair for music at Georgia State University's Language Research Centre and wants to work with them again.

The former Genesis star says that after playing with the animals, he is convinced that they have musical talent.

"There is no question that they responded with great musicality,'' he said.

Youssou Ndour : L'Afrique au coeur

Youssou Ndour : L'Afrique au coeur

C'est fort agréable d'apprendre dans les pages de la bio que Michelle Lahana consacre à Youssou Ndour ce qu'est la danse des ventilateurs cher au chanteur mais c'est aussi bien éclairé de montrer l'envers de la médaille. D'apprendre en quelque sorte qui est l'homme qui se cache derrière l'artiste mondialement connu.
" Avec Peter Gabriel, youssou a gagné en professionnalisme et en richesse culturelle. Peter Gabriel l'a "présenté" à l'Europe. "

Kanzi : the interview

He jammed with Paul McCartney and Peter Gabriel on the electric piano.Some researchers believe speech is the next frontier for the great apes, so this was big news. Kanzi talks! .......

Jolie highlights need for continued assistance in Sierra Leone

11 May 2005 16:42:13 GMT Source: UN High Commissioner for Refugees

"In Sierra Leone for the second time, the American actress travelled with astaff member of Witness, a non-governmental organisation founded by musician PETER GABRIEL that uses video to sensitise the world on human rights abuses.Today, she attended a screening of "Witness to Truth", the official videoproduced by Witness to accompany the Truth and Reconciliation Commissionreport. She plans to discuss the commission with President Ahmad TejanKabbah later this week."

Rosanna still upset about playboy spread

Movie star ROSANNA ARQUETTE still fears posing for sexy photoshoots after one beach session for a respected US travel magazine ended up in men's monthly PLAYBOY.

The actress was posing for TRAVELLER magazine with revered portrait snapper BURT STERN when she agreed to bare all for him.

But she had no idea the shots would end up in a 1990 Playboy, with her on the cover.

She recalls, "I was in a bathing suit in Florida with Burt Stern, the great photographer who shot MARILYN MONROE on the beach with a sweater, and we smoked a joint and the bathing suit kept coming off in the water and I just ripped it off and was very comfortable with being naked."

But then she saw the Playboy spread: "If anything, they're not even great photographs, they're ugly photographs. They stencilled the Playboy bunny on my T-shirt... so we sued them."

Arquette insists the spread was particularly embarrassing because she first saw it when she was on her way back from DISNEY WORLD with then-boyfriend PETER GABRIEL and his young children.

She adds, "Suddenly I'm, like, there on the cover... It was in the stands. I had no idea. The relationship broke up right after that, not because of that."

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