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19 décembre 2008

Modern dance is muscular at University of Oklahoma

John Brandenburg, Newsok, Published: December 12, 2008

A supercharged evening of modern dance, abstract yet powerfully concrete, was offered in Thursday’s preview of the "Contemporary Dance Oklahoma” production at the University of Oklahoma.

It was performed on an almost entirely bare stage at OU’s Donald W. Reynolds Performing Arts Center, 560 Parrington Oval, under the artistic direction of Austin Hartel.

A former 5-year soloist and co-choreographer with the Pilobolus Dance Theater, Hartel is an assistant professor of dance at the university.

Male dancers Cameron Lee, Xavier Garcia and Dwayne Cook appeared with female dancers Olivia Martin, Cheyla Clawson and Nicolette Battle in the evening’s first offering, "Poetry in 3-D.”

Making good use of the floor, stage flats, rectangular back curtain breaks and bench or seat-like stands, the three male dancers truly created "Poetry in 3-D” as they bonded first with each other, then female dancers.

Lasting about 28 minutes, the sustained, sensual, multipart opening number was choreographed by associate artistic director Derrick Minter to music by Michael Wimberly and Peter Gabriel.

Clad in blue leotards, six female dancers pulled themselves and moved around the stage, or slid over each other, making strange noises, more like seals than people, in "Vastus Sylva.”

Making use of storm sounds and music by Johnsie Holt, "Vastus Sylva” is an eerily evocative 1985 work by Hartel.

Jacquelyne Boe was at least marginally successful in making herself and onlookers feel "Purged” as she danced alone on the large stage to the moody music of Apocalyptica in a shorter work by Hartel.

Boe was much more effective when she teamed up with Cameron Lee to create human calligraphy in "Earthbound,” choreographed by Hartel and Lisa Dalton to music by David Hudson.

Ten dancers made their movements just quirky and mechanical enough to seem "Woundup and Ready” as they interpreted the strange electric sounds of Larry Hammette in another superb work by Hartel.

A shadowy backdrop that resembled a line of metal flowers in front of an achitectural façade added to the impact of "Woundup and Ready.”

The most energized and forceful selection on the program was the first act closer, "Battlefield,” a dramatically lit 2003 number by Robert Battle.

In "Battlefield,” a large company of muscular men and women with their hair down, wearing red and black, circus-like costumes, danced with wild abandon to the percussive rhythms of Les Tambien Dux Bronx.

Running "Battlefield” a close second was "Escapades,” a 1983 creation of Alvin Ailey in which colorfully clad couples, led by Garcia and Boe, danced to the bright, breezy, jazzy music of Max Roach.

Spectators will be the winners who attend the production, which convincingly demonstrates that OU’s sports teams have no monopoly on athleticism or charisma.

Golden Globes 2009 : Bruce Springsteen, Beyoncé et Peter Gabriel nominés

Baptiste Layec,, publié le 12/12/2008

La cérémonie des Golden Globes 2009 aura lieu le 11 janvier 2009 à Los Angeles. Il s'agit de la 66ème édition. Elle distinguera les meilleurs acteurs, les meilleurs films et (ce qui nous intéresse particulièrement) les meilleures chansons composées pour des films.

Les nominés de l'année 2009 pour la meilleure chanson ont apporté leur contribution à des films sortis cette année. On notera en particulier la présence de Bruce Springsteen, Beyonce et de Peter Gabriel.

Jamie Cullum, Clint Eastwood, Kyle Eastwood et Michael Stevens pour Gran Torino (tirée de Gran Turino).
Bruce Springsteen pour The Wrestler (tirée de The Wrestler).
Miley Cyrus et Jeffrey Steele pour I Thought I Lost You (tirée de Volt, Star Malgré Lui).
Thomas Newman et Peter Gabriel pour Down To Earth (tirée de WALL-E).
Beyoncé Knowles, Amanda Ghost, Scott Mc Farnon, Ian Dench, James Dring, Jody Street pour Once In A Lifetime (tirée de Cadillac Records).

Par ailleurs, la comédie musicale Mamma Mia, basée sur l'oeuvre d'ABBA, est nominée dans la catégorie meilleure comédie ou comédie musicale.

Five prizes for £100 of music to give away with We7

Tell us your top ten Manchester tracks for £100 worth of sounds – and what do you think of our top 25 tunes?

Confidential loves something that is innovative but also has real substance.

We7 is like this.

Led by Steve Purdham, a Cheshire internet entrepreneur, and Peter Gabriel, famed music man, this is a gift that keeps on giving.

The idea is simple. People who log on to get free music consisting of full songs and albums (not snippets) - three million of the buggers. And it gets better, because every time you play a song or album you’re sharing the love as the artist gets paid too.

In other words, instead of stealing tracks from the artists, by being crafty with where you source your music, you’re making sure they get paid too.

This bit of magic is achieved courtesy of We7 placing an ad a couple of seconds long at the beginning of each track. Give it a go, it doesn’t get in the way of your enjoyment at all. If you like the song you can then download it for free onto iTunes or whatever you use.

There is no log on needed either.

But if you do choose to log on, then there’s the whole range of features you’d expect on a tuned in website. You can create profiles, playlists, browse music, read the online magazine, review the charts and unsigned artists and, of course, blog merrily away.

Steve Purdham said, “We launched three weeks ago. This was after building up the music licences over the last 15 months, making sure we can offer enough variety. With three million tunes, we’re ready to go. And we’re proud of what we’ve got. This is the digital equivalent of a good old fashioned record store: it’s all here - indie, drum’n’bass, world music, you name it. And whenever you listen, it’s all legal with the benefits spreading from you to the artists.”

Steve’s right. We love We7 already and will be using it to provide a musical accompaniment to our stories and the extra video content we’re planning from 2009.

We7 loves our independent mindset too: a site for Mancunians owned by Mancunians. To that end they created a Manchester playlist for Confidential. This is the office choice of 25 Manc songs covering four decades to give choice and variety. Click here to play the list.

Tell us what you think. At the same time, we’d like you to create a top ten playlist of Manchester songs and post it in the rant box below. An informal judging panel sitting in a pub on 23 December will choose five winners for £100 of music from We7. Then we'll give someone a nice Christmas present.

The Confidential playlist - click here to play

I’m Into Something Good - Herman’s Hermits
He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother - The Hollies
Sad Sweet Dreamer - Sweet Sensation
Saturday Night Fever - Bee Gees
Pearl’s a Singer - Elkie Brooks
Medicine Man - Barclay James Harvest
Ever Fallen in Love - Buzzcocks
Songs from Under the Floorboards - Magazine
Atmosphere - Joy Division
Nowhere Fast- The Smiths
Bizarre Love Triangle - New Order
Kinky Afro - Happy Mondays
Fools Gold - The Stone Roses
British People in Hot Weather - The Fall
Some Day - M-People
She’s Gotten Over You - Puressence
Last Broadcast - Doves
Sexiest Man in Jamaica - Mint Royale
Gorecki- Lamb
Never Forget - Take That
Hey Boy, Hey Girl - The Chemical Brothers
She’s Electric - Oasis
One Day Like This - Elbow
That’s Not My Name - The Tings Tings
What Took You So Long? - The Courteeners

‘Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa’ Vampire Weekend

Songs of the Year 2008

‘Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa’ Vampire Weekend

Long Island highlife evoking the spirit of Paul Simon’s Graceland, replete with baffling references to Peter Gabriel.

Thousands get Fired Up for human rights

10 December 2008

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, Amnesty International is organizing a series of Fire Up! events around the world.

The organization is mobilising its 2.2 million members to recognize the historic moment when world leaders committed themselves to supporting and promoting human rights. From Bangladesh to Burkina Faso, Australia to Austria and Paraguay to the Philippines, thousands of people will light a candle, fire or flame as part of a mass demonstration in support of human rights.

There are confirmed Fire Up! events happening in 27 countries with over 100 cities and towns taking part. Candles will also be lit online by people taking part in Fire Up! on their websites and blogs.

Amnesty International supporters will also Sign Up! by adopting the Passport for Human Rights. People signing up for the passport demonstrate their commitment to stand up for universal, indivisible human rights - the belief that that everyone has rights, regardless of their race, colour, creed, religion, sex, national origin, sexual orientation, disability or age.

The 60th anniversary of the landmark declaration has also been marked by the Small Places Tour. Musicians, led by Peter Gabriel and U2's The Edge, have been raising their voices in song and action in hundreds of concerts held around the world. The tour started on 10th September and ends on 10th December, the date of the anniversary.

Take your own Fire Up photos

There are confirmed Fire Up events happening in 27 countries with over 100 cities and towns taking part: These countries are: Australia, Austria, Bangladesh, Belgium, Burkina Faso, Canada, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, India, Mauritius, Mexico, Nepal, Netherlands, Paraguay, Philippines, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Taiwan and the UK.

See your country's local Amnesty International website for more details.

Read More

Universal Declaration of Human Rights 60th anniversary

Interview: Kyte

Kyte released their critically acclaimed self-titled debut album at the beginning of 2008, drawing comparisons to Sigur Ros and Arcade Fire.

The Leicestershire five-piece have followed it up with the 'Two Sparks, Two Stars' EP this month, and we grabbed singer Nick Moon for a few words about their sound, their favourite shows of the year, and why they covered 'Solsbury Hill' for the EP. (...)

Your new EP covers Peter Gabriel - why did you choose Solsbury Hill, and are there any other covers itching to get out there?

We are all massive fans of Peter Gabriel, I think he's a genius. I think it was a spur of the moment Tom had. When he told me he'd been working on it I was really excited to hear how he'd approach a song like that. I think any cover has to ultimately be a tribute to the original, which is hopefully what we've achieved. Who knows if we'll do anymore covers anytime soon. (...)

Becky Reed

14 décembre 2008

Peter Gabriel backs human rights website

Veteran rock star Peter Gabriel is backing a website which aims to tackle some of the worst cases of human rights abuses around the world.

Matthew Price reports from New York.

Elders Highlight Role of Media in Promoting Human Rights at Celebration Honoring Winners of the Internews 'Every Human Has Rights' Media Awards

PARIS, Dec 08, 2008 /PRNewswire via COMTEX/ -- PARIS, Dec. 8 /PRNewswire/ -- Former US President Jimmy Carter, former Irish President Mary Robinson, former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan and other members of The Elders ( gathered in Paris at a celebration Dec. 6 to mark the 60th anniversary of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and to honor the 30 international winners of the Internews-sponsored 'Every Human Has Rights' Media Awards (

When it comes to human rights, Robinson told the gathering, "Journalists are an incredible way of carrying the message." Carter lauded the "heroes in the news media" for their role in promoting human rights.

Internews ( organized the media awards to inspire coverage of human rights issues around the world. The awards were held in conjunction with the yearlong 'Every Human Has Rights' campaign, which was inspired by the Elders as a way of raising global awareness of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Internews received over 500 entries, with stories focusing on 108 countries; national, regional, and international juries selected 30 stories to receive the Internews 'Every Human has Rights' Media Award. Winning journalists received an all-expenses paid trip to Paris to cover the 60th anniversary events.

Among these 30, seven special prizes were announced at the ceremony. These included the special "prize of the public" for "Border Stories" (, a series of video portraits by a Boston-based film crew about the US-Mexico border, the longest boundary between the developed and developing world. The special "public prize" was determined through online voting worldwide.

At the event, the winning journalists had the rare opportunity to ask questions of Carter and Robinson. A South African reporter asked Carter about the situation in Zimbabwe, whose government recently refused entry to Carter and other Elders. Carter gave a strong comment calling for a workable government in Zimbabwe.

Also present at the ceremony were musician Peter Gabriel and businessman Richard Branson, who together conceived the idea of the Elders, and journalist and author Mariane Pearl, who served on the international jury for the media awards.

Internews ( is an international media development organization that empowers local media worldwide to serve the information needs of their communities. The organization has worked in over 70 countries and trained over 70,000 media professionals.

Womad : The Line-Up’s Getting Better All The Time

Monday, 8 December 2008, 12:11 pm

Press Release: Womad


The Weather’s Getting Hotter Womad’s Getting Closer And The Line-Up’s Getting Better All The Time
Hot on the heels of last week’s announcement that Malian Rokia Traore will join the WOMAD 2009 bill, comes the confirmation of Kiwi audience favourites Anika Moa & band, The Sami Sisters and Andrew White to the line-up.

Anika Moa’s honest and heart wrenching voice, her energy and cheeky wit bring together a live show that is a myriad of beautiful melodies and amazing musicianship. Moa has clearly become one of New Zealand’s best-loved troubadours and this is a not-to-be-missed experience to see her live in the unique WOMAD atmosphere.

The Sami Sisters are a singing, guitar-playing, gorgeous coffee-coloured trio of Irish and Indian descent, reigning from Auckland’s Onehunga. Madeleine, Anji and Priya Sami are each accomplished entertainers in music & film and were met with high expectations when they decided to merge their collective talents to form the Sami Sisters. Their shows are sell-out and they live up to what’s expected, and then some.

Andrew White was once busking the streets of Auckland. But fate had other plans for him and concert and festival audiences across Canada, Europe and the South Pacific have been amazed by his technically brilliant finger-style guitar playing and soulful songs. This year White has toured Canada and the UK coast to coast with the critically acclaimed production International Guitar Night and has just recorded his tenth album to date, ‘Traces of Silver.’


WOMAD is an international festival created by Peter Gabriel and Thomas Brooman 24 years ago. Since then 21 countries have hosted the festival and entertained millions of festival-goers.

New Zealand’s pre-eminent celebration of music, arts & dance takes place at New Plymouth’s Brooklands Park and TSB Bowl 13-15th March 2009. The Festival also features a new Sustainable Village, which showcases sustainable practices and merchandise. This adds to the already hugely successful Global Village (international food, arts & craft) and Kidszone.

WOMAD Earlybird three-day passes have sold out. Standard tickets are now available from Ticketek -

3 day pass - $209

3 day pass & camping - $259

3 day pass & Marae-style accommodation - $279

1 day tickets are also available.

For more information on WOMAD09, check out




Arte Kanela (Australia / Spain) – the most dynamic force in Australian flamenco dance.

Bedouin Jerry Can Band (Egypt) – musicians, poets, storytellers and coffee grinders tell their tales from the Egyptian Sinai desert.

Dengue Fever (Cambodia / USA) – psychedelic Cambodian / LA pop.

Dona Rosa (Portugal) – blind world-travelled songstress discovered on the streets of Portugal.

Geoffrey Gurrumal Yunupingu (Australia) – formerly with band Yothu Yindi, the most revered voice in Aboriginal music.

The Gyuto Monks (Tibet / Australia) – The monks conduct tantric arts programmes around the world showcasing the intense colour, beauty & complexity of their endangered rituals & traditions.

Justin Adams & Juldeh Camara Trio (UK) - With an encyclopaedic knowledge of Blues & African music, Adams has been referred to as ‘the Ry Cooder of the UK’ and with the Trio play an electrifying set. Adams is also the Musical Director of the All Stars Gala for WOMAD 2009.

Lo Cor De La Plana (France) – six male voices combine harmonies with boisterous percussion.

Mikidache (Mayotte, near Madagasgar / Paris) – one of the hottest new singer/guitarist talents from this tiny country, Mikidache has made a name for himself in Paris by holding tight to his roots, believing “Madagascan music is complete in terms of its harmonies and rhythms.

The Mobile Sewing Company (Netherlands) – travelling ‘ateliers,’ audience members take off their clothes & allow the ladies to customise, decorate and revolutionise them, each vintage machine powered by bicycles pedalled by the audience!

Natacha Atlas (Egypt / UK) – chanteuse bridging Egyptian & Western R&B & pop styles with her soaring voice.

People In Your Neighbourhood featuring Urban Soul (UK/NZ) - a British Council-led project, featuring a line up of musicians from diverse Kiwi communities and members of UK's acclaimed string collective Urban Soul Orchestra to create a dynamic collaboration of live electronic soul. Expect Korean rap, Maori taonga puoro, Fijian percussion, Niuean soul, Chinese strings and more.

Rachel Unthank & The Winterset (UK) – one of the Britain’s newest shining lights in the folk scene.

* NEW ADDITION - Rokia Traore (Mali) – Arguably Africa’s most experimental singer-songwriter, her latest album collecting searing hot media reviews; 5 Stars, The Guardian; 4 Stars The Observer, The Times & Mojo.

Russ Jones – the hackney globe trotter (UK) – DJ with a uniquely eclectic mash-up of cultural styles.

Sa Dingding (China) – the first Chinese artist to sing in Sanscrit, boldly combining traditional Chinese folk with Western electronica.

Seckou Keita SKQ (Senegal) – hailed as ‘the Hendrix of kora,’ the rocking repertoire of southern Senegal, its members bring their roots to the mix from Senegal, Italy, Egypt and The Gambia.

Seun Kuti & Egypt 80 (Nigeria) – Fiery & frenetic Nigerian Seun Kuti and his family has stood opposed to the murderous and corruptive regimes in Africa for generations and brings his uniquely resolute, defiant and historic music to the stage. Together with Egypt 80, the legendary big-band of his late father Fela, Kuti brings an explosive brew of Afrobeat for the 21st century to WOMAD 2009. Fans include Barack Obama, who notoriously helped the band gain visas to play in the US.

Ska Cubano (Cuba / UK) – an irresistible, fanciful combination of Jamaican ska & Cuban mambo.

Speed Caravan (Algeria / France) – amping up the ancient fretless lute, making traditional Arabic music rock.

U Shrinivas & U Rajesh (India) – using the electric mandolin to offer a dazzling blending of Western jazz and sophisticated classical Indian music.

New Zealand

Fat Freddy’s Drop – Fat Freddy’s have won an obscene number of Tuis (NZ Music Awards), awarded the People’s Choice award 2 years in a row. Debut album ‘Based On A True Story’ was #1 for 11 weeks (a record for a NZ album) & NZ’s highest selling album of 2006, now 8 x Platinum. Their highly anticipated second album is due for release late 2008. Live, Fat Freddy’s present a hybrid of dub/reggae, soul, funk, hip-hop and techno, marinated in jazz and served on Island Time.

Brendan Power – acknowledged as one of the most creative & skilled harmonica players in the world, lending his talents to the recordings of Sting, Van Morrison, Paul Young & many more, WOMAD welcomes this outstanding Kiwi to the lineup.

Shona Laing – her songs have become part of the fabric of New Zealand’s growing up, an essential part of our sense of place. Her piercingly insightful music will be right at home on the WOMAD stage.

Hinemoa Baker – published & celebrated poet, fiction writer, playwright and performer of song & spoken word, with a voice some have compared to Joan Baez and Cleo Laine. Those who love language - in particular Te Reo - and the impactful, no-waste language of poetry will love her performance. Winner APRA Silver Scroll Award (Maioha category, 2005) & NZ Music Awards finalist (2004).

Mihirangi – the sheer strength of her a capella vocal performance “absolutely blew us away” (Beat Magazine, 2006). Mihirangi takes soulful world roots to a new level, layering & looping her voice with ska chops, sensuous jazzy riffs & strong bass beat.

Moana & the Tribe – ancient yet timely messages, fusing taonga puoro, haka, chants with soul, reggae and classical, respectfully and gracefully blending the traditional with the contemporary. Moana draws on her identity as a Maori woman, with a background in traditional performing arts, to write songs that resonate with global audiences.

Little Bushman - four jazz school grads, influenced by Pink Floyd, Jimi Hendrix and The Who, with some seriously bent psychadelic sonic sounds, a 5-Star review in the Dominion Post and a magnificent live show.

* NEW ADDITION – The Sami Sisters – with influences from country artists of yesteryear Dolly Parton and Patsy Cline to 50s girl bands, classic motown & 80s hit stars Kate Bush and The Smiths this Indian/Irish sibling trio from Onehunga come from a short yet illustrious history of sold-out shows and a hip young following.

* NEW ADDITION - Anika Moa & band – one of NZ’s most gifted and popular artists, Moa’s heartbreakingly honest and soulful songs make her live performances immensely popular.

* NEW ADDITION - Andrew White – now residing in Nova Scotia, White has been wowing audiences across Europe and Canada with his incredible finger- style guitar playing of technical brilliance.