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03 septembre 2005

Web Recording Site Draws Top Music Talent

By K.C. Jones, TechWeb News

Recording artists will soon have a place on the Internet to record and scout for people who have worked with Peter Gabriel, Paul McCartney and other big names in music.

“People who have always aspired to work with these musicians, but didn’t know how to contact them, or didn’t know that they could get them, will gain access to players they’ve always admired,” co-founder Kevin Killen said in an interview Friday. “It may be the catalyst for their careers. The next John Mayer is out there. There are a lot of up-and-coming artists, who don’t know -- with the way the industry has changed over the past few years -- which way to turn.”

Killen, an engineer and producer whose long list of collaborators includes U2, Brian Eno and Daniel Lanois, will launch with Gina Fant-Saez in October. Fant-Saez has been praised in Billboard Magazine for her role in bringing musicians in Austin, Texas into the digital age.

World-renowned bass player Tony Levin, who has worked with John Lennon and Peter Gabriel, will be one of the featured session artists.

“I think this is a superb move in the direction that recording is going,” Levin said in an interview.
“More and more albums are being done by passing files around the world and this site seems to be the first serious attempt to organize that technique and open it up to the general public.”

The site will debut at the Audio Engineering Society Convention, which begins Oct. 7, in New York City. With the mere outline of a song, an artist in London will be able to work with a musician anywhere in the world. Killen and Fant-Saez compared their site to the glass partition in a traditional studio. will allow musicians to research each others’ histories, negotiate deals and record new albums. Though other sites bring players together, what sets eSession apart is the level of talent it has attracted and its broad reach. The pair, which worked with New York City-based Coolbirth to create the site, is targeting accomplished artists and those who are just getting started. The site is under construction and has already drawn more than 100 musicians who play a wide variety of instruments.

In order to register, the musicians must have 15 credits with major record labels. Discographies, biographies and samples will be available for those seeking instrumentalists.

The site will charge $25 for work request submissions. The session musicians do not pay a fee and can exempt clients by placing them on a preferred customer list. Once a work request has been submitted, rates will be negotiated. The musicians agree on a fee and eSession will charge a percentage. If the performers can’t agree, they’re not under any obligation.

Players can record their parts at their home studios. eSession, with a proprietary plug-in, will transfer the files across a variety of platforms, including ProTools and Logic. The musicians will need a high-speed connection, a workstation that meets professional standards and computer skills.

“They won’t be limited to any program,” Fant-Saez said. “As long as they can put their songs on the website, it doesn’t matter.”

02 septembre 2005

Genesis Platinum Collection


(Press Release) On September 13th, Rhino Records will release the 3 CD career-spanning 'Genesis Platinum Collection' and 'Genesis Video Show' as well as a new album and a hits collection from the side project Mike + The Mechanics.

'Genesis Platinum Collection' is the first and only retrospective to cover both Peter Gabriel and Phil Collins eras. The four hours of music on three CDS is the most comprehensive collection to date featuring everything from earlier Gabriel-era favorites like "The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway" to Top 40 hits like "Hold On My Heart" and Billboard Top 10 chart smashes "Invisible Touch". "Follow You Follow Me" and "Counting Out Time" are a few of the 24 newly remixed tracks. A twenty page booklet with liner notes by Hugh Fielder accompany the discs.

Founded in the late '60s in Surrey, England, Genesis rose out of the ashes of earlier bands formed by schoolmates Peter Gabriel, Tony Banks, Michael Rutherford, and Anthony Phillips (who departed after 1969's Trespass, the album providing the final track on this stellar retrospective). Guitarist Steve Hackett soon signed on, as did drummer/vocalist Phil Collins, who'd later emerge (as would Gabriel) as a solo superstar. Following Gabriel's 1975 departure, Genesis grew from a progressive art-rock outfit into one of the biggest arena rock acts ever, with a long string of platinum-sellers and chart smashes.

Additionally, all of the Genesis promo videos will be released for the first time on DVD with 'Genesis Video Show'. The digitally remastered videos include MTV staples "Land of Confusion", "Invisible Touch", and "I Can't Dance" as well as the 1999 version of "Carpet Crawlers" featuring Gabriel. Rare BBC footage of "Paperlate" is also included.

Simultaneously, Genesis bassist/guitarist Rutherford reunites with Paul Carrack for the first Mike + The Mechanics album since 1999, 'Rewired'. 'Rewired' finds Mike + The Mechanics in top form with nine powerful new original songs including the driving electronic track "One Left Standing (Version A)," the sublime ballad "If I Were You," and the adventurous title track. Re-mastered versions of Top 10 singles "Silent Running" and "All I Need Is A Miracle" are two of the 13 favorite tracks on another new disc 'Hits'.

'Genesis Platinum Collection' Track Listing:
No Son Of Mine
I Can't Dance
Jesus He Knows Me
Hold On My Heart
Invisible Touch
Throwing It All Away
Tonight Tonight Tonight (Edit)
Land Of Confusion
In Too Deep
That's All
Home By The Sea
Second Home By The Sea I
llegal Alien *
Paperlate *
Calling All Stations

Abacab *
Keep It Dark *
Turn It On Again *
Behind The Lines Duchess *
Misunderstanding *
Many Too Many *
Follow You Follow Me *
Undertow *
In That Quiet Earth *
Afterglow *
Your Own Special Way
A Trick Of The Tail *
Ripples *
Los Endos *

The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway *
Counting Out Time *
Carpet Crawlers *
Firth Of Fifth *
The Cinema Show *
I Know What I Like (In Your Wardrobe) *
Supper's Ready
The Musical Box *
The Knife *

31 août 2005

Starter Kit For Activists

Wednesday August 31, 2005 @ 10:30 AM

By: Staff

I first learned about Greenpeace when I saw a clip of U2 performing to protest against the Sellafield nuclear plant and it's potential to be a worse catastrophe than Chernobyl.

I learned about Stephen Biko, Africa and his crusade against apartheid from Peter Gabriel and the song by the same name. I wasn't an alter boy, but I did spend eight catholic years at All Saints elementary school in Toronto and I praised Sinead O'Connor when she ripped up the picture of the Pope on Saturday Night Live.

Taking a stand for change is nothing new. Social and political activism is healthy in these paranoid times and it seems logical to want to be a part of this counter-culture, however, the membership card does not come without criticism.

Our Lady Peace

During the Seattle riots in 1999 one of the protesters responsible for kicking in the windows of the massive Niketown was caught on tape wearing, what else, Nikes. The peace-loving hippies from the 1960s ultimately became the yuppies in the 1990s and are considered the driving force behind the environmentally unfriendly SUV craze. Many think U2's outspoken frontman Bono needs to shut his rich ass the F#@$ up.

Roger & Me and Fahrenheit 911 director Michael Moore has been criticized for being as big a bully as the corporate CEOs he chases. World-renowned "culture jamming" magazine Adbusters aren't always as anti-consumerism and anti-capitalism as they lead to believe.
Their line of foreign-made blackspot anti-sneakers is growing and poised to become a "brand," no different than all the sneaker brands they beat up on.

Interestingly enough, I was a huge fan and supporter of Adbusters and approached them to be a part of Our Lady Peace's Summersault Festival in 2000. Adbuster president Kalle Lasn wouldn't do it. He said he needed to get paid. Strange? Greenpeace, Amnesty and all the local charities didn't want money. They welcomed the opportunity to set up booths in our "cultural stimuli village" and reach out to the over quarter of a million Canadian kids who came to the concerts that summer.

I guess the bottom line is that in the gigantic task of trying to right the wrongs of society, we are all hypocrites to some degree. I'm sure I've been guilty of crossing that fine line between activist and asshole more than once.

The risk of self-righteousness and social elitism are more than worth it though. There is an entire movement of people fed up with everything from the growth hormones put in our food to the bias and propaganda within our news sources to the amount of ritalin prescribed to children to the illegal wars being waged overseas. I can see how some people may be intimidated by the seriousness of such stands against society. It is understandable that they may need some easing into the culture.

I've found just the thing and it targets society at it's most evil. It's a kind of "social activist starter kit." The TV BeGone remote. It costs only $15 and is available, ironically enough, on the Adbuster's website. The TV BeGone remote can turn off television sets in bars, airports, homes and offices. This genius device takes all the pretense and seriousness out of social and political activism. It's selling point is that it "reclaim's public space."

When you're feeling like society has turned into one giant live plasmascreen advertisement, TV BeGone to the rescue. It can free you from the mind-numbing obsession with celebrity. It has the power to aggravate all the sociopath corporate whores who meet at your local bar after work reveling in their greed.

It can even spare you from having to sit through another 30 second news piece on some self-consumed actor or singer promoting his or her latest cause. The TV BeGone remote is the perfect unbiased starter kit for the counter-culture. It takes the serious out of the seriousness of our world if only until someone reaches up and turns the damn TV back on.

— Raine Maida

Bush Breaking 12-Year Album Drought

By Jonathan Cohen, N.Y. and Lars Brandle, N.Y.

Pianist/songwriter Kate Bush will break a 12-year album drought this fall with the double-disc set "Aerial." The album will arrive Nov. 7 in Europe via EMI and a day later in North America via Columbia. First single "King of the Mountain" will be available Sept. 27 at a host of digital download sites.

The artist, now 47, exploded onto the British singles chart with her debut 1978 hit "Wuthering Heights," which held the top spot for four weeks and went on to become an international breakthrough. She went on to have a string of hits with "Babooshka," "Running Up That Hill" and "Don't Give Up", a duet with Peter Gabriel.

But she disappeared from the spotlight following her 1993 album "The Red Shoes," which debuted at No. 2 in the United Kingdom and No. 28 on The Billboard 200. Since then, the next phase of Bush's recording career has been the focus of routine speculation, while her influence was clearly heard in the music of Tori Amos, PJ Harvey and Bjork.

In October 2001, the artist whet the appetite of her devoted fanbase during a presentation at the annual Q Awards in London. While delivering her acceptance speech after winning the publication's accolade in the classic songwriter category, she told the audience, "I am actually making an album, [but] it's just taking longer than I thought," she said.

Three of the artist’s albums -- "Never For Ever," "Hounds Of Love" and "The Whole Story" -- have reached No. 1 in the United Kingdom.

Midnight Oil

Peter Gabriel 'Still Growing Up Live and Unwrapped', the new double DVD is beginning to form an exciting whole in front of our eyes...or is that a hole... Anyway, it's late and we've seen it on Amazon already, which is somewhere between exciting and worrying when your still trying to make the thing...Can these two tracklistings be correct....what does it all mean?


1. The Feeling Begins
2. Red Rain
3. Secret World
4. White Ashes
5. Games Without Frontiers
6. Burn You Up, Burn You Down
7. The Tower That Ate People
8. San Jacinto
9. Digging In The Dirt
10. Solsbury Hill
11. Sledgehammer
12. Come Talk To Me
13. Biko


1. The Feeling Begins
2. Red Rain
3. Secret World
4. White Ashes
5. Burn You Up, Burn You Down
6. San Jacinto
7. Digging In The Dirt
8. Solsbury Hill
9. Sledgehammer
10. The Tower That Ate People
11. Come Talk To Me
12. Biko

30 août 2005

Peter Gabriel, Sons sans Frontières

Peter Gabriel. Suoni senza frontierePeter Gabriel. Suoni senza frontiereLivre Italien

Alfredo Marziano
Peter Gabriel Sons sans Frontières
(Auditorium, 160 pagg. - 8.00 euro) mise à jour 2005

Ce Peter Gabriel une des figures les plus polyédriques de la musique contemporaine : transformiste des loges, expérimentateur dans les disques et dans les usages des media, activiste politique, importateur en occident des musiques ethniques et, de fait, fondateur du world music avec son label Real World.

Le livre d'Alfredo Marziano reconstruit l'histoire de cet artiste qui semble insaisissable, depuis les exordes avec Genesis jusqu'aux dévelopements de sa carrière solo. Il ferme le volume une description détaillée de la production de Gabriel, sur disque mais aussi en video et sur ordinateur, au-delà de la bibliographie et des rapports des principaux témoins sur lui.

Alfredo Marziano
Peter Gabriel. Suoni senza Frontiere
(Auditorium, 160 pagg. – 8,00 euro)

Quella di Peter Gabriel è una delle figure più poliedriche della musica contemporanea: trasformista sul palco, sperimentatore nei dischi e nell’uso dei media, attivista politico, importatore in occidente delle musiche etniche e, di fatto, fondatore della world music con la sua etichetta Real World.

Il volume di Alfredo Marziano ricostruisce la storia di questo artista che pare inafferrabile, fin dagli esordi con i Genesis fino agli sviluppi della carriera solista. Chiude il volume una dettagliata descrizione della produzione di Gabriel, su disco ma anche in Video e su computer, oltre ad una bibliografia che riporta i principali testi scritti su di lui.

Peter, Elvis, the hamster and Womad

Elvis powered mobile phone gains recognition

Helps British lad pass exam

By Tony Dennis: samedi 27 août 2005, 12:03

A British youth, Peter Ash, has been able to pass his science exams with a little help from Elvis. The lad, from Lawford in Somerset spent 13 months perfecting a way for Elvis to recharge the batteries in a couple of mobile phones.

The project formed part of Ash's GSCE science exam which he finally passed last week. Elvis is, of course, a hamster belonging to Peter's sister. What Peter was able to prove is that energy expended by the hamster pounding his treadmill can be successfully harnessed to replenish the batteries in standard Motorola and Nokia mobile phones.

Ash has, of course, discovered a renewable energy source which could be deployed at 'green' music festivals such as Womad and Glastonbury where large numbers of attendees seek alternative ways to recharge their handsets.

So will Michael Eavis book Elvis to appear at the next Glastonbury in 2007, the INQ wonders?

Peter Gabriel - Still Growing Up - Live And Unwrapped

Peter Gabriel - Still Growing Up - Live And Unwrapped

Release date: October 31, 2005. Not yet available.

Edition Details:

• Region 2 encoding (Europe, Japan, South Africa and the Middle East including Egypt). Read more about DVD formats.
• ASIN: B000AYQJ38

29 août 2005

Come … to the Casbah

Diane Patterson & Quawwali Music play along with the Fanna-Fi-Allah Quawwali and Sufi Ensemble Sept. 2 at the Teahouse festival at the Wellsprings.

Come … to the Casbah

Teahouse caravan settles at the Jackson Wellsprings through Sept. 5, bringing exotic food, music, dance and atmosphere

The Casbah Teahouse will adorn the Garden Stage at Jackson Wellsprings (formerly Jackson Hot Springs) with its open-air Bedouin tent, Persian carpets, savory chai tea and world beat music between this Friday and Sept. 5.

Concluding its summer Pacific Northwest food and music tour, members of the Casbah caravan will recuperate in the healing waters of the Wellsprings before making the long migration south to their winter home in Tucson. For almost two decades the Tucson Casbah Teahouse has been an anchor and magnet to musicians, rising superstars and recording artists alike. Over the last eight years the summer gypsy caravan stage has traveled the Pacific Northwest, lending color to venues including Trinity Tribal Stomp, Hornings Hideout, Vashon Island Earth Fair, Seattle Hemp Fest, Health and Harmony, and Faerie World Fest.

I Will Presents has invited musicians from the magical state of Jefferson, Hawaii and Figi to perform at the Wellsprings’ two-weekend extravaganza. Shimshai will open the Casbah music series on Friday evening with his eclectic blend of heart-and-soul reggae and jazz, with a world beat influence. Shimshai is known for his solid, rhytmic grooves layered with angelic harmonies and uplifting, spirited lyrics. Over the last four years Shimshai and the Natural Mystiquensemble have established a devoted following from Seattle to San Diego to Hawaii, and in Europe from London to Amsterdam. Shimshai has appeared on stage with Jai Uttal and the Pagan Love Orchestra, Ram Dass, and Cannon and the Lion of Judah Band.

Jah Levi and the Higher Reasoning will light up the Casbah on Sunday evening. With more than 20 albums and 25 years of worldwide performances, Jah Levi will deliver to the Wellsprings Garden Stage his charismatic blend of heart-and-soul reggae and spiritually uplifting world fusion. Jah Levi has shared the same stage with reggae, folk and popular superstars including Ziggy Marley, Israel Vibration, The Itals, Bob Dylan, Peter Gabriel, Andrew Tosh, The Wailers, and Lost at Last.

The Bedouin tent will come alive with the heartfelt, penetrating sound of Human and the Evolution on Tuesday, Kirtan Music led by Prema Mayi and friends, on Wednesday, and Devine Names Zikr and Sufi Heart Circle, led by Kalil Elliot, on Sept. 1.

Casbah’s Magic Carpet Ride will continue into the Labor Day weekend with another three enjoyable days of music, swimming and hot-water soaking. Sept. 2 will witness the mesmerizing harmonies of Fanna-Fi-Allah Quawwali Ensemble presenting ecstatic sufi devotional music. Scott Huckabay will close the Wellsprings Casbah Music Fest on Sept. 4. Saturday’s events to be announced.