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30 août 2005

Peter, Elvis, the hamster and Womad

Elvis powered mobile phone gains recognition

Helps British lad pass exam

By Tony Dennis: samedi 27 août 2005, 12:03

A British youth, Peter Ash, has been able to pass his science exams with a little help from Elvis. The lad, from Lawford in Somerset spent 13 months perfecting a way for Elvis to recharge the batteries in a couple of mobile phones.

The project formed part of Ash's GSCE science exam which he finally passed last week. Elvis is, of course, a hamster belonging to Peter's sister. What Peter was able to prove is that energy expended by the hamster pounding his treadmill can be successfully harnessed to replenish the batteries in standard Motorola and Nokia mobile phones.

Ash has, of course, discovered a renewable energy source which could be deployed at 'green' music festivals such as Womad and Glastonbury where large numbers of attendees seek alternative ways to recharge their handsets.

So will Michael Eavis book Elvis to appear at the next Glastonbury in 2007, the INQ wonders?

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