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25 octobre 2006

Manu Katché et Jan Garbarek, seigneurs du jazz


Manu Katché et Jan Garbarek, seigneurs du jazz

Qu'est-ce qu'une ouverture heureuse ? Manu Katché (batterie), Jan Garbarek (saxophone), Franck Avitabile (piano) pour les vingt ans du Tourcoing Jazz Festival. Un programme énorme. Une histoire soutenue par la ville. Un théâtre à l'italienne au son parfait. Des musiciens heureux.

Voici une douzaine d'années, le directeur artistique du festival, Patrick Dréhan, propose une carte blanche, en jazz, à Manu Katché. Où ? A Dunkerque. Katché a quitté sa ville de Saint-Maur-des-Fossés pour New York, où, depuis vingt ans, il écume la scène pop-rock : Peter Gabriel, Sting, Axel Bauer. C'est un choix de batteur exact, subtil, formidablement présent et heureux sur scène. Dunkerque le ramène donc au jazz.

Or Jan Garbarek, star norvégienne depuis le free jusqu'à Keith Jarrett, trente-cinq ans de carrière au sommet, inaltérable idole de la jeunesse, a entendu Katché sur trois titres de Sting. Dunkerque les rapproche. Petrucciani est au piano. Depuis, Garbarek reste Garbarek, un son (saxophone ténor) de rasoir nordique, une puissance inégalée, une place essentielle dans l'esthétique du label munichois ECM, un air de jeune homme, un public d'ados.

Manu Katché, cependant, a pris sa place dans le monde du jazz sur le même label (Neibourhood). De la banlieue, il dit simplement : il suffit de bien jouer de la batterie. Tous deux, ils ont des allures de seigneurs, quand ils bavardent avant de jouer. Katché s'est adjoint un jeune pianiste, Franck Avitabile, qui, dans le genre études de haut niveau (la prestigieuse ENS mathématiques de Lyon) va le plus loin dans le piano.

Avitabile, pour le toucher, la main gauche, l'esprit classique et le délié swing, est inégalable. Son trio (Jérôme Regard, contrebasse ; Dré Pallemaerts, batterie), formidable de précision et de douceur. Avitabile, Manu Katché, Garbarek, plus Alex Tassel (bugle) sur la scène de Tourcoing, l'ensemble vit, bouge, remue, sur un fond de perfection remise en jeu.

L'album à succès d'Avitabile (Short Stories, Dreyfus) résume l'esprit de la réunion : plus d'incantations diluviennes, juste des pièces courtes, incisives, enlevées. En face, un public de 20 ans de moyenne d'âge. Le jazz, un truc de vieux ? Sans doute : un truc de vieux joué par des jeunes pour les jeunes. Ce qui n'est d'ailleurs pas la question, mais qui prend nom d'enthousiasme.

"Planètes", Tourcoing Jazz Festival. Divers lieux. Du 12 au 18 novembre. Thomas Dutronc (le 12), Sophie Alour, Aldo Emmanuel (14) ; Renaud Gracia-Fons, Anouar Brahem (15) ; Dee Dee Bridgewater, Daniel Mille, Sébastien Texier (16) ; les Belmondo et Yusef Lateef, Charles Lloyd (17) ; Bona, Sixun, Magma (17) ; J.-J. Milteau (18). Tél. : 03-20-68-54-10. Entrée libre ou de 8 € à 25 € ; formule "pass" 75 €.

24 octobre 2006

Youssou N'Dour to Visit IntraHealth International

World Music Star Youssou N'Dour to Visit North Carolina-based IntraHealth International

CHAPEL HILL, N.C., Oct. 24 (AScribe Newswire) -- On Monday, Oct. 30, Grammy Award winning singer Youssou N'Dour will visit North Carolina-based IntraHealth International to launch the Youssou N'Dour Fund at IntraHealth, a new partnership to promote better health in Africa. To generate fundraising and program-related activities for the Fund, the creation of which was announced at the United Nations this spring, N'Dour will give concerts and sponsor other events.

The Fund is the brainchild of N'Dour and IntraHealth CEO Pape A. Gaye, both natives of Dakar, Senegal. Initiatives developed through the fund will combine N'Dour's passions for working with African youth and promoting malaria prevention with IntraHealth's long track record of successfully implementing health projects in Africa.

About Youssou N'Dour ( Named "African Artist of the Century" in 2000 by Folk Roots magazine, Youssou N'Dour has been a major influence in the growing international popularity of African music. He burst onto the international scene in the 1980s on a concert tour with Peter Gabriel. A UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador since 1991, N'Dour organized "Africa Live: The Roll Back Malaria Concert," in March 2005 in Dakar to increase public awareness of malaria prevention; a movie of the concert was released this year. N'Dour makes his acting debut in the film Amazing Grace, which premiered at the 2006 Toronto Film Festival.

About IntraHealth ( An independent not-for-profit organization headquartered in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, IntraHealth International has served the public health needs of developing countries since 1979, when it was founded as the Intrah program of the University of North Carolina's School of Medicine. IntraHealth works with health care leaders, health care providers and communities to increase access to good health care for the people most in need. Currently working in 23 countries, IntraHealth has offices in Armenia, Ethiopia, India, Kenya, Mali, Rwanda, Senegal, South Africa and Tanzania.

Voda pushes phone recycling

Peter Gabriel, left and John Robertson.

Vodafone has joined in a campaign to send unwanted mobile phones to developing countries. Phones 4 Africa hopes to increase the number of handsets that are reused by encouraging thousands of people in Britain to recycle their mobiles. Vodafone has teamed up with Fonebak, a specialist company in recycling and distributing used phones in the developing world, to launch the campaign, while prime minister Tony Blair and singer Peter Gabriel have shown their support.

Blair said: 'Phones 4 Africa is a great idea. It means people in Britain can help thousands of people in Africa use ordinary mobile phones to break out of poverty.' Gabriel joined Vodafone Enterprise Business Unit director Kyle Whitehill and MP John Robertson last week in Westminster to launch the campaign.


Musician Peter Gabriel, who launched the 'Phones 4 Africa' campaign in Parliament this week, said:

"Phones 4 Africa is a brilliant idea. Mobiles have been adopted faster in the developing world than in the developed world. They have the capability for improving lives.

""In 2 years mobile phones will have the same capacity as laptops have at the moment and they will transform education in remote locations. I work with the Mandela Foundation which worked with coffee growers in Zimbabwe who were being ripped off by middle men. As soon as they had mobile phones they were able to get commodity prices directly from the Chicago Exchange. This transformed their local economy.

"We have developed a hub on the internet to which anyone can upload images using their mobile phone or video. We believe this has the potential to transform human rights campaigning because when individuals have footage it is easier to get transmission of it. Also it's harder for those who are doing it to deny it. This is the Human Rights Video Hub, part of which I set up."

23 octobre 2006

The Blue Nile's Paul Buchanan 2006 UK & Irish Tour

Paul Buchanan, vocalist and songwriter from Glasgows trio The Blue Nile has announced a November UK tour with his brand new band with Robert Bell of The Blue Nile - November 19 London, November 21 Dublin, November 25-26 Edinburgh, November 27 Perth. The concert showcases the ambient folk and electronic pop from Blue Niles magical back catalogue, along with some classic cover songs and exciting new solo material. Blue Nile produced a mere 33 songs in just over two decades. The bands incredible fanbase includes the likes of Annie Lennox, Peter Gabriel, Rickie Lee Jones and Rod Stewart.Paul Buchanan, vocalist and songwriter from Glasgows trio The Blue Nile has announced a November UK tour with his brand new band with Robert Bell of The Blue Nile - November 19 London, November 21 Dublin, November 25-26 Edinburgh, November 27 Perth. The concert showcases the ambient folk and electronic pop from Blue Niles magical back catalogue, along with some classic cover songs and exciting new solo material. Blue Nile produced a mere 33 songs in just over two decades. The bands incredible fanbase includes the likes of Annie Lennox, Peter Gabriel, Rickie Lee Jones and Rod Stewart. Often referred to as '4am songs', the lush, atmospheric pop, combined with Buchanan's velvety vocals and minimalist arrangements makes for a combination that is both emotionally sublime and heartfelt.

Buchanan creates songs about the day to day life of pretty much everyone who has ever been in love or who has ever looked out at the rain on a cold winter day or who has ever struggled to work on a bus which gets stuck in traffic, and they sprinkle each song with something special that lifts it out of the ordinary. As singer Paul Buchanan says, "It's always been a documentary of the imagination."

Possessor of one of the finest and most soulful voices produced from these shores over the last 30 years, Paul Buchanan is nothing short of legendary. As lead singer, songwriter and co-founder of The Blue Nile, Paul is one of music's greatest treasures at the same time as being one of its best kept secrets. Over twenty five years, The Blue Nile's output has comprised just four albums - 'A Walk Across The Rooftops' in 1984; 'Hats' in 1989; 'Peace At Last' in 1996, and 2004's 'High' - all critically acclaimed, all rapturously received by an ever growing legion of Nile aficionados, and all still selling as more and more music lovers fall in love with Paul's voice and The Blue Nile's unique music.

Paul, along with friends P J Moore and Robert Bell, started The Blue Nile. At the time they were merely interested in making music that they loved but after the small-scale success of an early single 'I Love This Life', the band were offered the chance to record an album for hi-fi manufacturer, Linn. The result was 'A Walk Across The Rooftops' which was described at the time as "the best debut of the last five years" by U2 producer Steve Lillywhite. Although there was pressure for a follow-up, Paul and the band discarded mountains of material before delivering 'Hats' in 1989 - the album became a huge success charting at No.12. Paul briefly hit the tabloid newspapers during a relationship with Hollywood actress Rosanna Arquette.

After a series of record company misfortunes, a third album 'Peace At Last' emerged in 1996 and became another Top 20 hit album with the usual ecstatic reviews from a the media. After a short tour, Paul and the band returned, it seemed, to the shadows for the best part of a decade until rumours of a new album started to filter out of Glasgow in late 2003. 'High', the first album for new label Sanctuary, became the band's biggest hit album so far - a Top 10 success.

Photo by Simon Murphy


Joseph Arthur puts his faith in the healing power of art. Plus, the dude can sing.

At the Bowery Ballroom last month, Joseph Arthur had a costume change before his encore and came out wearing a white suit, no shirt, and a big cross dangling around his neck. With tangled hair and a three-day beard, he looked like some mental-ward Evangelist, and then he started singing like one, too. Joined onstage by Michael Stipe, Arthur belted out his signature anthem “In the Sun,” with its rousing hook, “May God’s love be with you, always, always.” The crowd, a typical downtown assortment of 30-year-olds in hoodies and jeans, knew every word and lustily sang along, as if trying to atone for all those Sunday-school classes they blew off.

“I hate religion,” Arthur had told me a few days earlier, when we met at his loft in Dumbo. "But I do believe there’s some intelligence guiding this whole thing. You can call it Jesus or whatever you want.”

Onstage and on record, Arthur exudes a coolness that makes you think he could be world famous. And at one point in his career, he was marked for stardom. The mini-legend of Joseph Arthur goes like this: When he was a 25-year-old nobody working at a guitar shop in Atlanta (“They told me I was the worst employee in the history of the store,” he says), a demo tape of his made its way, via friends of friends, into the hands of Peter Gabriel, who invited him to record at his studio in England. This is, in certain music circles, the equivalent of being summoned to Rome to pray with the pope. Arthur went with proper humility. “There were all these major people there, like Joe Strummer. I thought they’d maybe let me play a little bass. But then Peter asked me to write some lyrics, and the next thing I know, I’m in there singing with him.”...

22 octobre 2006

Réunion de Genesis, Gabriel passe son tour

L’ancien chanteur de Genesis, Peter Gabriel, a dit qu’il ne se joindrait pas à ses ex-équipiers pour une tournée qui les réunira prochainement. Gabriel, 56 ans, est l’un des membres fondateurs de la célèbre formation musicale britannique et il a chanté avec eux jusqu’en 1975, lorsqu’il a quitté le groupe pour poursuivre une carrière en solo.«Nous en avons parlé et j’ai décidé de ne pas y prendre part», a dit Gabriel au réseau BBC News.

Son remplaçant au micro, le batteur Phil Collins, a confirmé son engagement à la tournée qui réunira les quatre musiciens, annoncée plus tôt cette semaine. «Je suis très heureux pour eux», a laissé savoir Gabriel. «Ce n’est pas que je ne ferais jamais une telle chose, seulement que j’ai du nouveau matériel à travailler en ce moment.» Un porte-parole pour Genesis a précisé que des détails spécifiques sur la tournée et des «plans à long terme», incluant la publication possible de nouveau matériel, seraient annoncés dans les prochaines semaines.

Succès culte

Genesis a vendu plus de 130 millions d’albums durant les années 70 et 80, connaissant du succès avec des albums classiques comme Foxtrot, Nursery Crime, Selling England By The Pound et The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway. Ils ont livré au départ une musique de style progressive, pour prendre éventuellement un virage pop lorsque Collins à pris en mains le job de chanteur. Le groupe a produit une longue liste de succès qui ont fait le top 40, dont Mama, That's All et In Too Deep.

Collins a quitté le groupe en 1996, et fut remplacé par l’ex-chanteur de Stiltskin, Ray Wilson. Il a enregistré un disque en 1997, Calling All Stations, avec les membres restants Mike Rutherford et Tony Banks, avant que le groupe ne soit éventuellement dissout.