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28 mai 2005

Peter Gabriel confirms 46664 ARCTIC – June 11, Tromsø, Norway


Peter has announced that he will join Nelson Mandela in his journey to the Arctic Circle next month where Mr. Mandela’s latest campaigning will take the form of 46664 Arctic, a truly global music concert featuring a host of artists from both hemispheres which takes place in Tromsø, Norway on Saturday June 11.Before reading on, and to avoid any dissapointment it's important to note that Peter will only be performing one track and won't have the band with him.

Peter said "It is appalling to watch the devastation AIDS has caused in Africa, withthe knowledge that most of it is preventable. I strongly support NelsonMandela's call for action, and to make sure the world doesn't ignore thethousands of unnecessary deaths every day".

46664 Arctic

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