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22 juin 2005

June Moon Illusion


If June's Full Moon is anything like last night's lunar glow, we should have a bright night about to bleed into the sun-drenched day here at Real World. Unfortunately we haven't been able to get Peter and a camera in the same place, but he has sent us a lunar offering.

NASA tells us that tonight, "the Man in the Moon is in his usual place. But something's wrong. This full moon is strangely inflated. It's huge! ...This week's full moon hangs lower in the sky than any full moon since June 1987, so the Moon Illusion is going to be extra strong." I'm personaly not suprised by this offical confirmation that there's a man in the moon, but see what you think for yourself and glance skyward this evening. Why not enhance the strange, inflated, huge, "moon illusion" with our sky related audio offering.

You can now download two versions of 'Sky Blue' from the Full Moon Club downloads page. Alongside the lovely Martyn Bennett remix of the track that eventually featured 'The Blind Boys of Alabama' and appeared on 'UP', we now have an early unreleased demo of 'Sky Blue' from the recording sessions for 'US' in the mid 1980s.

Download 'Sky Blue' from The Full Moon Club

More on Martyn Bennett

The 'Moon Illusion" at

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