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15 juin 2005

Review-Peter Gabriel's Play The Videos DVD

If you watch VH1 Classic you are sure to have seen the commercials running advertising Peter Gabriel's Play-The Videos. The DVD includes 26 Peter Gabriel videos plus bonus footage.

Peter Gabriel was once a member of a little group named Genesis. You didn't know that. Yep, he was. When he left, a guy named Phil Collins started singing lead. Don't know if you ever heard of him.

Peter Gabriel has been in the music business for quite some time. While Genesis would have a string of early 80's hit, it would take a synth-pop song with a wicked video to break Peter Gabriel in the U.S. "Shock The Monkey," was the first song and video that made Peter Gabriel a household name in the U.S.

Peter Gabriel hit the video jackpot with the release of his mid-80's before it's time video "Sledgehammer." Watching this video nearly 20 years after it was released, you might find yourself thinking, "What's the big deal?" But back then this was a really groundbreaking video which won Peter lots of awards. This video was followed up by "Big Time" which was similar in nature to "Sledgehammer."

Peter tuned it down and was very simple for the video for his ballad, "In Your Eyes."

Peter was ready to experiment again with his 1992 video "Digging in the Dirt." This video is amazing, as is the song.

Play includes Peter's well known videos as well as some of the lesser known videos. The sound quality is amazing. The DVD also includes the touching black and white video for his song "Father and Son." You can check out the virtual Father's Day card which plays this video here

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