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15 juillet 2005

Musician has Jolie time at Live8 event

Award-winning Hounslow musician Johnny Kalsi introduced a host of celebrities at a Live 8 concert on July 2.

Mr Kalsi, previously a member of popular band The Asian Dub Foundation, co-hosted the event with Peter Gabriel at the Eden Project in Cornwall. He introduced Angelina Jolie, Dido and other superstars as part of the international effort to raise awareness about world poverty.

He said: "It was just incredibly electric and a brilliant venue. The crowd were really fired up when I said I'd like to thank all people at the smaller event in Hyde Park for turning out it made them feel the event was so special."

"I was very lucky to be allowed 45 minutes talking to Angelina and it was great to spend time with her son, Maddox."It was just an ordinary, humble conversation and I'd invited her round for a curry in Hounslow by the end!"There was obviously a serious intent behind the day, but I really enjoyed myself as well and donated all the expenses I was given to charity."

Mr Kalsi recently set up the Dhol Foundation, an institute dedicated to promoting performance of the Indian dhol drum.He claims his Hounslow roots are responsible for his love of the instrument, as he liked annoying intolerant neighbours by playing one as a teenager.

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