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03 août 2005

Anne Heaton

Lush, The Way She Likes It

Anne Heaton bares her soul through her richly textured voice at this year's SoNo Arts Celebration

by LuAnne Roy - August 4, 2005

Anne Heaton loves a full sound

Every year the SoNo Arts Celebration committee searches for original visual and performing artists to showcase in its annual two-day festival, held on the streets of South Norwalk. As in the past, this year's roster looks to represent a diverse group of musicians--from reggae bands like Mystic Bowie to Latin bands like Cosmic Jibaros and Mandorico and string bands like California's Hot Buttered Rum. Aside from all the ethnic sounds there will be plenty of great pop rock artists. One of the most exciting is the dynamic female singer/songwriter Anne Heaton. <...>

When you ask Heaton how she feels about the direction her music is going in, she giddily responds, "I love a full sound." She cites Peter Gabriel as her "favorite artist of all time" and the source of her inspiration for creating layered sounds that include adding a strong bass line or electric guitar. "I like when there's a lush sound," Heaton adds. "I feel like the songs I'm writing come across better that way." ...

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