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26 octobre 2005

Live 8 at Eden - Africa Calling DVD details

From Monsters and

DVD News

Live 8 at Eden - Africa Calling DVD details
By M&C News

We have added details and some media from the \'Live 8 at Eden - Africa Calling\' DVD.

The event was organized by Peter Gabriel and held at the Eden Project in Cornwall, South West England. It was one of ten concerts that took place around the world as part of Live 8 in support of the campaign to Make Poverty History. Produced in association with WOMAD, the day featured an exclusive line-up of some of Africa’s finest artists, performing in the spectacular setting of Eden. This film is the record of a unique day in celebration of the music and spirit of Africa.

Any profits that arise will be donated to charities nominated by the participating artists.

\'Live 8 at Eden - Africa Calling\' arrives on DVD November 1, 2005 (Out now in UK).

Summary of Live 8 at Eden: Africa Calling

An Extraordinary Line-Up of the Biggest Names in African Music including Performances By Dido and an Introduction By Angelina Jolie, organized by Peter Gabriel for this years’ Massive Live 8 Event.

DVD Features

Songs Performed: Africa Calling Concert MedleySamson (Africa Calling Mix) - ThomasMapfumo and The Blacks UnlimitedKuvarira Mukati (Africa Calling Mix) -Thomas Mapfumo and The BlacksUnlimitedHeesteena (Africa Calling Mix) -Maryam MursalBarco Negro (Africa Calling Mix) - MarizaTaireva (Africa Calling Mix) -Chartwell DuitroLumbul (Africa Calling Mix) -Moudou Diof and O FogumBeyeza (Africa Calling Mix) - ShikishaLapowny (Africa Calling Mix) -Geoffrey OryemaLand Of Anaka (Africa Calling Mix) -Geoffrey Oryema with Peter GabrielMbani (Africa Calling Mix) - SyiyayaSet (Africa Calling Mix) -Youssou N’dour Et Le Super Etoile7 Seconds (Africa Calling Mix) -Youssou N’dour Et Le Super Etoilewith DidoBirima (Africa Calling Mix) -Youssou N’dour Et Le Super EtoileAngelina Jolie Introduces:Namengue (Africa Calling Mix) -Coco MbassiAfirika (Africa Calling Mix) -Angelique KidjoTombo (Africa Calling Mix) -Angelique KidjoWa Winjigo Ero (Africa Calling Mix) -Ayub Ogada And UnoChet Boghassa (Africa Calling Mix) -TinariwenAmidiwan (Africa Calling Mix) - TinariwenAmassakoul (Africa Calling Mix) -TinariwenFontofrom Chant (Africa Calling Mix) -FrititiWallow (Africa Calling Mix) -Kanda Bongo ManBilli (Africa Calling Mix) -Kanda Bongo ManNouzha (Africa Calling Mix) -Akim El SikameyaAiwa (Africa Calling Mix) - Emmanuel JalExodus (Africa Calling Mix) - Daara JMic Check (Africa Calling Mix) - Daara JSunu Mission (Africa Calling Mix) - Daara JFinale - African Anthem

BONUS FEATURES: DVD also includes “Africa Calling at Eden” documentary film.

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