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14 octobre 2005

New Live 2DVD Review from german genesis fan club

UP The Amazon, UP the Nile… Once that was an idea of Peter’s for remixing his new album UP.

In the end, he went on tour and then he toured and toured… and toured…and toured. In a way, it was up the Mississippi, up the Rhine, up the Thames, up the Seine – who would have thought that Peter would tour some two years on end?

The first version of his sophisticated show was released in 2003. Growing Up Live consisted of an almost full concert. Gabriel did not stop half-way through, though, so that Growing Up Live was much more than a couple of images with a concert.

In the end he enjoyed it so much that he was Still Growing Up the year after. Still Growing Up delighted the Europeans. There were even some open air shows with a smaller stage on festivals. In 2002 Gabriel kicked off the Up shows with an unexpected open air performance in Munich, Germany.

Some two years later, it ended not quite as scheduled with another open air show on Kaiserslautern’s Stiftsplatz. Hamish Hamilton recorded the last open air shows as well as the longest indoor gig (Brussels 2004) and Anna Gabriel kept her camera running, too. In the end things went they way they had to: Peter Gabriel now releases a second live DVD of his marathon tour. A fine package with lots of Gabriel in it. What about new stuff?...

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