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19 novembre 2005

Tina's update : Rumours Genesis Reunion Play DVD New Album


Rumours spread that Tina has posted an update. Check out Tina's update for the definitive take on perennial Genesis rumours, PG news, this month's competition and last months winners.

There's a possability that this is a link to Tina's pages.

Tina's update 19/11/05


Genesis Reunion

This has been the main topic of conversation recently and many of you have written in asking for the official word. I'm told that sadly, there is no truth in it; this rumour seems to come and go every few years and we think that this particular one has been fuelled by the fact that Phil, Peter and Steve Hackett have all been interviewed lately in connection with their solo careers and they are always asked about the Band. They all say the same thing; that they remain good friends and although there are no specific plans, they would not rule out the possibility at some time - although getting the five of them together would prove too hard given their various solo commitments.


This has been entered the 4th Annual Surround Music Awards (SMA). The results will be announced at a Gala Event to be held in Los Angeles later in the year. We'll give you more information as we receive it.

Album News?

Peter continues to work on his music or 'making noises' as he describes it, but there are no clues or anything firm to report as yet. However, we'll keep you posted.


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