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19 décembre 2005

About Herman Kullar and TrichoGenesis

Current Technology Reports UK Subsidiary Commences Operations



Mr. Kullar is the Chief Financial Officer and Secretary of the Subsidiary; Mr. Kramer is CEO. Both the Director of Sales and Director of Marketing have been identified, but are not yet revealed as they are presently employed elsewhere.

The Subsidiary's Business Plan is virtually complete and formal meetings with prospective investors will commence in January 2006. While the Financing is in process, Mr. Kullar will introduce the patented TrichoGenesis platform to spas/salons/health clubs in the UK and other areas in Europe and the Middle East.

"I am both pleased and extremely excited to be part of this tremendous opportunity," states Subsidiary CFO Herman Kullar.
"I believe our revenue sharing model will allow us to grow at an aggressive pace and I am looking forward to help introduce the TrichoGenesis platform to the UK, Europe and Middle East markets."

"ACP is very keen to begin marketing the private equity capital raise, and will do so aggressively in the beginning of January 2006," states ACP Managing Director Thomas R. Byrne. "We believe the Company's strategy is sound and the management on board is extremely capable, making for a winning combination. In the past two months we have seen a number of opportunities present themselves to this new subsidiary, which we are eager to exploit."

Mr. Kullar has an extensive background as a Financial Officer in small technology driven companies, where it was also necessary to act as a business development coordinator. Mr. Kullar's broad background includes eight (8) years (1995-2003) as Financial & Commercial Director of Peter Gabriel, Ltd. / Real World Group, the music publishing and recording company. He was responsible for creating, coordinating and implementing the Group's financial strategy; daily operations of the accounting function; prepared budgets; dealt with all aspects of taxation, insurance, health/safety and monitored the Chairman's personal financial affairs.

Mr. Kullar
took direct control for the global marketing of a new multimedia product where he generated 2 million plus Pounds Sterling in revenue in the first nine months and a total of 6 million Pounds Sterling over four years, turning the company into profitability. Mr. Kullar's CV also includes CFO of Very Small Technologies Inc., a MEMS/Nano- technology company based in New York and as Managing Director and Chief Accountant for General Instrument Corp; Semitron Industries, Ltd., located in the U.K. (1990-1995).

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