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29 janvier 2006

Peter play with Monica

Gillian Caldwell, Davos Diary : 28 JANUARY 2006

We met Monica Seles and the CEO of the Women's Tennis Association early this morning and played some tennis. I felt pretty good about it until Peter Gabriel said it was like a cat playing with three mice. I guess she was taking it easy on us.

Then we rushed to a Reuters-sponsored skiing venture and managed to stagger our way down a few slopes and through a giant slalom course - I took a spectacular spill at high speeds. Then rushed again for press which we are just wrapping up - CNN and Business Week.

As I said to Peter, every day is gruelling in its own way here! I feel like I am about to faint. But it's been terrific and I think I am now a fully addicted blogger. Need to rush again... to the train for Zurich. Thanks for sticking with me!

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