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06 mars 2006


After being exposed to David Gilmour's 'On an Island' in its entirety, we can now confirm that it is the work of art we had hoped it would be.

It consists of a series of 10 beautifully understated songs that flow into each other exquisitely, providing the perfect foil for the return of this pioneering "rock" musician. Dave's guitar work is incomparably crystalline throughout the length of 'On an Island' and the actual solos that flow forth from his fingers are easily some of the best of his career. The production elements of this multi-layered recording are equally lush and you can be assured that the CD sounds outstanding on an appropriate hi-fi setup. Being totally worth the wait, 'On an Island' is a stunningly rousing album that "progressive" music enthusiasts will lap up with deep glee. Think Peter Gabriel, the Alan Parsons Project, some of Phil Manzanera's post Roxy Music stuff, Pink Floyd (of course) + Dave's other "solo" albums and you'll get the idea

-- it's an utterly essential release that we wholeheartedly recommend.

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