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23 mai 2006

Peter Gabriel Joins Image Metrics' Advisory Board

..."In the continued growth of the company, Image Metrics depends on the invaluable counsel and support of its Advisory Board and is happy to announce the addition of musician, performer and digital arts pioneer Peter Gabriel," said Gareth Edwards B.Sc. M.Sc. PhD, Founder of Image Metrics. "In the 1980s Gabriel was among the first musicians to recognize and embrace the potential of the then-emerging video technology. The video for his chart-topping single 'Sledgehammer' set a new benchmark by which all subsequent music videos were judged."

Today, Gabriel continues to have an active interest in the future of video technology, contributing to a number of interactive entertainment projects including the successful "Myst" video games and founding Real World Multimedia (RWMM), dedicated to developing, producing and publishing innovative CD-ROMs.

Editor's note: More information on Image Metrics can be found on their Web site at

Image Metrics ( is the leading provider of computer-based facial animation solutions to Hollywood and the digital entertainment industries. Image Metrics' proprietary animation technology supersedes contemporary 'motion capture' systems, using ground-breaking, marker-free 'performance capture' techniques to recreate all the subtlety of human facial performances in digitally-created characters. Based in Santa Monica, USA, and Manchester, England, Image Metrics facilitates and enables solutions for a blue-chip client portfolio which features a wide range of household names, including Warner Brothers, The BBC, Sony, Electronic Arts and Rockstar Games. Image Metrics also has a highly-successful sister company operating in the pharmaceutical and healthcare industries, see for further information.

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