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24 juin 2006

Remix Competition

We're pleased to announce the first Real World Remixed competition in association with Peter Gabriel, who's given us Shock The Monkey to remix and Solid State Logic, who are donating a great prize.

We're celebrating twenty years of Real World Studios and the installation of a new SSL XL 9000 console in our flagship studio 'The Big Room' along with a lovely AWS 900+ in our metamorphosed 'Production Room'. To spread the joy we're making available a sample pack; including all the vocals, from Peter's original multitracks of Shock The Monkey. Recorded between spring 1981 and summer 1982 this track was one of the first to use sampling technology. Peter utilizied the ground breaking Fairlight CMI and you can hear it and other classic machines such as the Linn Drum and the Prophet 5 synth throughout the sample pack.

"I'd been dreaming for some time of an instrument that could sample stuff from the real world and then turn it, make it available on a keyboard. Larry Fast told me that he thought he'd heard rumours of such an instrument. It was £10,000 which seemed an unearthly amount of money, got very excited with this thing, it's called the FairLight, and spent a lot of time then collecting sounds going to factories to the university, getting interesting samples that were then used on that record and the ones after, it was really one of the key things that gave that record a different sound." Peter Gabriel

Download the pack when it becomes available on the 28th of June, remix, then upload your finished mix back to this site - we're going to be keeping an eye on the peer reviews and ratings, then we'll sit down with Peter and listen to the pick of the mixes here in the first week of October. The winner will be announced on September 7th.

The winner will get to experience the quality of sound processing SSL tecnology can bring to their work in the form of the amazing Duende. Five runners up can hear some of Peter's other recordings given new life in the 5.1 mixes by Dan Lanois and Richard Chappel on signed copies of Peter's Play: The Videos DVD.

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