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20 juillet 2006

Robert Fripp "Exposure"


English guitarist Robert Fripp first made a name for himself playing with the original lineup of progressive rock band King Crimson, but his work on David Bowie's 1977 "Heroes" album and his association with producer/musician Brian Eno extended his credibility with a new generation of New Wave musicians.

The result led to work with a variety of musicians, including Peter Gabriel (himself a progressive rock refugee) and singer Daryl Hall.

First released in 1979, Fripp's "Exposure" album was hailed as an avant punk "Sergeant Pepper" and featured contributions from Hall, Gabriel, Eno and Phil Collins, among others. The original version of this album is making its first appearance on CD, remastered by Fripp.

The CD includes a second remastered disc that restores Hall's vocals on several tracks and adds several bonus tracks. Hall's vocal contributions to the original album were noteworthy performances and the addition of even more Hall vocals is a welcome find.

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