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27 août 2006

Peter Gabriel on Paul Allen's Yacht


(AGI) - Olbia, Aug. 26 - Last night, the president of the Sardinian Region Renato Soru, the former Genesis singer Peter Gabriel and the regional secretary of Democratici di Sinistra party, Giulio Calvisi, met for a dinner with international dishes accompanied by Sardinian white and red white, in northern Sardinia, in the waters in front of Palau, on the yacht of the Miscosoft co-founder Paul Allen.

Man of the house, considered among the owners of maxi-yachts that could have deserted Sardinia due to the so-called "luxury tax" , is instead for days in the north of the island and yesterday he invited Soru for an exclusive dinner, about a dozen people in all, including escorts. The topic of the luxury tax was excluded from the conversation, which was all in English, thus the guests concentrated on what they had in common: a passion for the beauties of Sardinia and the islands plans for economic development.

The one who planned the meeting on the yacht, which was anchored in the gulf in front of Palau, was Calvisi, through friends of La Maddalena (U.S. navy base) who know Allen's collaborators, whom the president of the Region supposedly considers the entrepreneurs willing to invest in the island, in particular in the IT and new technology sectors, biogenetics and aerospace sciences. These are all sectors in which Allen is already working in the United States, from his headquarters in Seattle.

The co-founder of Miscrosoft hinted that he preferred investments in the American market, which he knows well, but he does not leave out steering his interests to Italy and in Sardinia, in particular. In the meanwhile, Allen said he is willing to put up some Sardinian researchers as interns for a few months in Seattle. For Soru, who already has an excellent relationship with Gabriel, who collaborated with Allen to create a museum in Seattle dedicated to the guitarist Jimi Hendrix, it was the opportunity to present some initiatives that are the most dear to him for Sardinia: biotechnology research, genetic and new technology studies and also the opportunity for investments that will open to La Maddalena in less than a year and a half when the U.S. base will be dismantled for nuclear submarines.

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