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07 septembre 2006

Anja Garbarek contributes to new Luc Besson Movie

Norwegian pop chanteuse inspires legendary French filmmaker Luc Besson to return to directing. Besson’s latest motion picture, Angel-A, is heavily inspired by the film’s soundtrack composed by Anja Garbarek. (...)

Strong Punkt Festival review visited Kristiansand’s Punkt Festival in late August this year and awarded Anja Garbarek a glowing review for her appearance at the vibrant festival: “…returning to the theater, singer/songwriter Anja Garbarek—the daughter of legendary ECM saxophonist Jan Garbarek—put on the most structured show of the day. Garbarek's voice is bigger than her diminutive size would suggest, and like many of her influences—Kate Bush and Peter Gabriel in particular—she has a cultivated stage presence. Hers is highly produced music in a rock/pop vein, but with a deeper sense of feeling and construction than much of the disposable pop of today—especially in North America. Structured? Yes. Accessible? Yes. But Garbarek is a significant voice on the Scandinavian avant-pop scene, and the fact that she’s had little exposure in North America is criminal.”

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