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13 septembre 2006

Postcards From East Oceanside - Paula Cole

Named Best New Artist in 1997 with seven Grammy nominations for This Fire and nominated for Producer of the Year, singer/songwriter Paula Cole has come a long way very quickly.

Her first album was Harbinger in 1994. She toured with Peter Gabriel on his Secret World tour in 1994, before producing her second album This Fire in 1996.

The spiritually themed Amen followed in 1999. This album is a compilation of her greatest hits, with two new songs Tomorrow I Will Be Yours and Postcards from East Oceanside.

Paula has a distinctive voice, making the most of her very personal lyrics, which also tap into universal themes, often telling a story. Gentle and mellow for the most part, often bittersweet, she is also capable of surprises, such as the more jazzy Autumn Leaves.

The numbers are backed by rich and interesting instrumentation giving each number an individual flavour.

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