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16 novembre 2006

Peter Gabriel Designated 2006 Man Of Peace By Nobel

British musician Peter Gabriel will receive a peace award from the hands of Mikhail Gorbachev and other Nobel Laureates during a ceremony in Rome on Friday.

Gabriel was designated 2006 Man of Peace for "his great contribution and commitment to peace and human rights", organizers said in a statement.

Among his numerous initiatives, organisers singled out his efforts to fight apartheid. In 1980, Gabriel published "Biko", a heartfelt plea not to forget the south-African leader Steve Biko, murdered in September 1977 in a prison in Port Elizabeth.

Former South African president Frederik Willem de Klerk will be among the Nobel Peace Laureates attending the ceremony.

The annual Summit of Nobel Peace Laureates, promoted by Gorbachev and the City of Rome, has reached its seventh edition.

This year's edition focuses on the dangers of atomic energy.

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