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27 novembre 2006

The Peter Gabriel Song

The Television Personalities Pay Tribute To Eminem On New Album

Out early next year...

The Television Personalities are due to return with a new album early next year.

The 13 track album ‘Are We Nearly There Yet?’ is released through Overground Records on February 20.

The CD collates material recorded before the release of their last album ‘My Dark Places.’

It was recorded in the summer of 2005 in New York after the band The Baskervilles donated £1,000 to get The TV Personalities in the studio.

Dan Treacy from the band said of it: “I’m as proud and disappointed of this CD as anything I’ve ever done.”

Tracks include a homage to Eminem and Peter Gabriel. The full track-listing is as follows:

1. Are We Nearly There Yet?
2. The Peter Gabriel Song
3. The Eminem Song
4. I Get Scared When I Don’t Know Where You Are
5. I See Dead People.
6. If I Could Write Poetry
7. If I Should Fall Behind
8. Coltrane’s Ghost
9. Mr Brightside
10. All The Midnight Cowboys
11. All The King’s Horses
12. You Are Loved
13. It’s All About The Girl

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