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23 décembre 2006

Peter Gabriel at CBC news

We sit down in New York this week with the legendary singer/songwriter/technology buff Peter Gabriel to talk about Witness, the organization he founded in 1992. The group was the first effort to use an emerging technology - the videocamera - as a tool in the fight to expose human rights abuses. Since that time, Witness has worked with dozens of small, local groups around the world - in places like Burma, the Congo, and Mexico - training them and helping them edit their footage. The resulting films are put in front of the world's decision-makers, the UN, the U.S. congress and the newly formed International Criminal Court. And now Gabriel wants to expand the organization, again getting out in front of the newest technological innovation - uploading video on the internet. As an artist, Gabriel has always been a thinker and poet, and he explains how he came to be involved in human rights issues, and what difference a group like Witness can make.

Visit the Witness web site

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