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29 décembre 2006

Did T.C. Conroy count Gabriel among its customers?

December 29, 2006 -- I think I might be the only person in Manhat tan who doesn't have a therapist, or three. It's not that I don't have problems - but generally, they are nothing that can't be solved with a dirty martini or a frenetic '80s-inspired dance around my apartment. I belong to the Charlotte York School of Therapy - "My parents," she once said on an episode of "Sex and the City," "believed that all emotional issues could be worked out through a good game of tennis."

So when I got the opportunity to spend a few sessions with T.C. Conroy, a Hollywood life coach, I was skeptical, yet intrigued. With the New Year approaching, it seemed like a good time to get a handle on some of my issues. Namely, that I am a huge control freak who can't just calm down/relax/save money/get to the gym on a regular basis.

On what would she coach me? I wasn't really sure, but her title sounded agreeably sporty. I pictured us in a team huddle. She could shout instructions to me, and I'd head off down the field to accomplish my goals.

The difference between a therapist and a life coach is that the latter does not focus on the past and the roots of your emotions; instead, she or he focuses on the future. It's also not a replacement for therapy - some people have both a therapist and a life coach.

"Your coach is not your mom, significant other or best friend," explains Conroy's publicist, Thomas Onorato. "A life coach's only agenda is to support you by providing a caring ear, being your best cheerleader or giving you a good swift kick in the pants when you need it."

Fair enough. But before I had my first session with Conroy - who counts Guns N' Roses, Peter Gabriel ( NDR: attention ! voir le commentaire ci-dessous /caution! look at the comment below ) see theand the Rolling Stones among her clients - I wanted to get an idea of what I was getting myself into. I turned to Google. And as it turns out, T.C. is totally hot; rock-star chic with flat-ironed black hair and a ruby-studded platinum tooth. She is also the ex-wife of Dave Gahan of Depeche Mode...


2 commentaires:

Holland a dit…

I'm writing to let you know that the journalist who wrote this article made a couple of mistakes.

T.C. Conroy is NOT Peter Gabriel's life coach and has never claimed to be.

I work with T.C., and we are striving to correct the perception that this misinformation has created.

You can help by letting your readers know that this article contains untruths or by removing it from your blog completely.

Thank you for reading!



Gabnews a dit…

thank you for this precision, I will correct this information