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11 janvier 2007

Come My Love, Listen To This...

Never mind that recent run-in with the vocoder on Love Cannot Bear. If you want to hear some real expression and soul coming from the direction of Robert’s vocal chords then cop your lugs around this one courtesy of Biff Uranus Blumfumgagne. Ah, Robert Fripp – the Benny Hill years. And of course it’s not Ernie wailing in the background but Peter Gabriel circa PG1 / 2 as far as I can tell. I asked the old goat about this one and the best I could get from him was “sounds like a man from Dorset reading words to a solemn song!” It’s a pity we hadn’t got our mits on this one last year as this would have been in my top ten records of 2006.

(merci à Alain11)

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