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05 janvier 2007

Sophe Lux Q&A

Lead singer/songwriter Gwynneth Haynes shares her answers to our questions.

January 5, 2007 - For all intents and purposes the moniker Sophe Lux is singer/songwriter Gwynneth Haynes sonic alter ego.

Porland based Haynes released the first Sophe Lux album, Plastic Apple, in 2002. Aiding her on the songs were Larry Crane, John Moen, and Mike Clarke.

By 2004, however, Haynes had joined forces with another crew of musicians and Sophe Lux became a bona fide band consisting of Erika Miller on bass, Kelly Goodwin on accordion and keyboards, Scott Appleman on drums, and Twayn Williams on guitars and lap steel.

This configuration recorded the second Sophe Lux album, Waking The Mystics, which will be released on February 27 2007 on Zarathustra Records.

We recently caught up with Haynes and dished out our (hopefully) insightful questions to her in an attempt to illicit equally insightful answers (needless to say, Haynes did not disappoint)...

...IGN Music: Do you perchance recall the first concert you ever went to?

Gwynneth Haynes: Joni Mitchell.

IGN Music: Keeping up the flashback angle, do you remember the first album you ever bought? If so, what format was it on (CD, vinyl, cassette or 8-track)?

Gwynneth Haynes: Peter Gabriel: The album with "No Self Control" on it.

IGN Music: What is your favorite album and why?

Gwynneth Haynes: The Dreaming by Kate Bush. Because it is creative genius in form. A revelation. A stunning creative opus.

IGN Music: Can you name a musician that you've always wanted to work with but haven't yet?

Gwynneth Haynes: Brian Eno. Because he is brilliant and one of my all time favorite musicians and one of my favorite producers.

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5 commentaires:

jasper a dit…

Thank you for posting information on Sophe Lux. I saw them perform at Joe's Pub in NYC last year. Great band. Creative, innovative, and unique songs. Their music has depth and richness, not to mention powerful and unusual vocals. Isn't the lead singer the little sister of "I'm Not There" film maker Todd Haynes?? Talented family.

Anonyme a dit…

Sohpe Lux IS an amazing band! I saw them on their East Coast Tour April 2007, and found them, especially Gwynneth Haynes, to be quite engaging! The vocals blew me away. I now own "Waking the Mystics" and "Plastic Apple"...keep us posted on their next project!

Frank Gualtier a dit…

Excellent piece -- I love Sophe Lux and what a wonderful place to read up on Gwynneth (like finding genius at genius central!). Kudos! -Frank

robyn a dit…

Sohpe Lux is the bestest! ive been to many shows! there music is so wonderfully done :) and there the nicest people you'll ever meet!

Anonyme a dit…

Sophe Lux is oone of the most excitnf bands to come along in a while. Thoughtful, provocative lyrics, complex music tracks that blend everything from Queen to Bowie to Roxy Music to Joni Mitchelland dramatic live performances that rind me of early Genesis with Pg himself!!