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15 avril 2007

Womad Summer School

The WOMAD Foundation is bringing the spirit of WOMAD to Bath Spa University this summer for the first-ever WOMAD Summer School.

It will take place between July 30 and August 4 and is running alongside the International Guitar Foundation's Performing Arts Summer School.

The Summer School is a week-long opportunity to deepen musical experience, with classes in music, voice and dance master classes, ensemble tuition, 'in conversation' sessions, workshops in vocal technique, performances and more.

Philip Castang, founder and manager of the International Guitar Foundation, said: "We are delighted to welcome WOMAD to our summer school programme and it is a real honour to have such a legend as Bill Cobham to inspire and instruct students, members of Tinariwen who are currently at the top of the world music scene, plus their producer and Robert Plant's guitarist and collaborator, Justin Adams. "In addition we have 25 more celebrated artists/tutors from countries as far apart as Zimbabwe, Brazil, India, Senegal and UK. "I am absolutely amazed at the range and quality of artists taking part. It is a really unique and special event and an experience not to be missed."

WOMAD (World of Music, Arts and Dance) was originally inspired by Peter Gabriel back in 1980 and is now recognized throughout the world as a unique and important festival organization promoting music, culture and arts from around the globe.

The WOMAD Foundation is a registered educational charity and the educational arm of the WOMAD Festival organisation.

"Worldwide, the WOMAD Foundation provides opportunities for cultural exchange, learning and active participation," said Annie Menter, WOMAD Foundation Director. Through these activities we bring the arts of different cultures before the widest possible audience. Music is a catalyst for the imagination and has the ability to transport us to spaces and places we may never physically visit. The WOMAD Summer School is a fantastic opportunity for us to bring the ethos of WOMAD to Bath."

The following week-long courses are available:

# Drum Academy: Led by legendary drummer Billy Cobham (USA) who invites students to come and improve all aspects of their playing and performance.

# Dance Roots: Landing Mané (Senegal) and Fernanda Amaral (Brazil) will take students on a journey from West Africa to Latin America through the dance expression and interpretation that has evolved over centuries.

# Patterns of Percussion: Sets out to explore the wealth of rhythms and techniques of Cuban, Indian and African percussion with charismatic tutors Johnny Kalsi (UK), Vicente Arrencibia (Cuba), Chartwell Dutiro (Zimbabwe), Landing Mané (Senegal) and Abass Dudu (Ghana).

# Striking A Chord: A vibrant introduction to the myriad of vocal techniques from Zimbabwe, Cameroon and the British Isles with Coco Mbassi (Cameroon), Cara Dillon (Ireland), Chartwell Dutiro (Zimbabwe) and Kirsty Martin (UK).

# Guitar Connections: Justin Adams (UK), Tinariwen's Abdallah Ag Alhousseyni (Mali) and Kevin Brown (UK) will dig deep into the links between the Mississippi and the Sahara.

# Singer Songwriters: Explore lyrics that spring from the heart and mind and give voice to experience and emotions that touch us all. Andy White (Ireland) will be hosting a week of opportunities to write, discuss ideas, collaborate, perform - or simply listen and take it all in. More special guests to be announced.

# Children's Art Camp: A host of fun things to do for younger family members in arts, crafts and dance workshops which will be led by artists from our experienced child-friendly WOMAD workshop team.

Extra curricular activities will include films, DJ sessions, informal performances, collaborative jam sessions, special interest classes, and one-to-one clinics as well as the opportunity to get stuck into the vast array of musical facilities on hand.

The WOMAD Summer School is supported by Arts Council England.


Summer School - for those aged 12 years and over - costs £250. There is a group discount available - save 10% if four or more students book together.

Children's Art Camp - for five-12-year-olds - costs £16 for one day and £75 for a whole week.

Download a booking form from (then select chosen course from bottom of the page)

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