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31 juillet 2007

Can Youssour Ndour become the Prime Minister of a Continental Government?

Senegal’s most illustrious musician, Youssour said he will be happy if elected or appointed as the Prime Minister of an African Government. Many people in Senegal were stunned by the singer’s statement. During his long and successful career, the musician never showed interest in politics, and has never contested in Senegal’s elections. His popularity in Senegal and around the world can no doubt give him such a coveted post. But who is Youssour Ndour.

Youssour Ndour is one of Africa’s modern music pioneers who has emphatically put African music on the world map over the past 20 years. He was born in Medina, “the old town” in Dakar, Senegal. At an early age, his mother, Ndeye Mboup, taught him the traditional music and songs of the Wolof people, to which the family belongs, and which is still a large and influential group in in the Senegambia region of west Africa.

As a youngster Youssour Ndour began performing with musicians and drama groups in his home town, Dakar, which since colonial days has been an important centre of culture in West Africa. In 1973 he gave his first public performance with a modern band. In 1975 he went on tour to The Gambia, but was called home by his parents who thought he was too young to embark on a tour. A year later he was with Star Band, the house band at the Miami Club, Dakar’s leading nightclub at the time. Together with Star Band, Youssour Ndour was still a teenager, experimenting to blend the traditional Wolof music with western instruments. This mix style was later named ‘Mbalax’.

In 1979 Youssou Ndour started up his own band, Etoile in Dakar. This was reorganised and renamed Super Etoile de Dakar in 1982.He continue to introduce new elements into the music, which now began to find its own form: group of west African drums and bass, supplemented by guitar, brass instruments, keyboards and the talking drum’ Tama’. The first cassette for the home market was recorded in 1981 and a rack of cassettes followed in the Wolof lyrics. He comments on life in Senegal and takes themes from Wolof mythology.

Youssou Ndour’s popularity in Senegal and within the sub-region is till growing like a wild fire. Rich Senegalese are willing to pay Youssour Ndour to write songs. His albums” Immigres (1985), “Nelson Mandela” (1986) and “Seven Seconds” with Nene Cherry provided him with his international breakthrough which led to musical cooperation with Peter Gabriel. Their duo song ”Shaking the Tree” was well written. The two went on tour in 1987.

After his debut in the international scene Youssour Ndour has made CDs for the world market. He tours the world over but holds tight onto his African roots by continuing to live in Senegal together with his family. At the bustling “Sandaga” market in down town Dakar, many fans of the celebrated musician told me he got everything that can make him the Prime Minister of a continental Africa.” He is rich, he is wise and above all he is a real patriot of Africa. He has never sing anything that will divide Africa’, one Professor at the Dakar University told Senegambia News. Whether the singer is interested to head an African union government will be known in the coming days and months.

By Alpha Jallow in Dakar, Senegal

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