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11 juillet 2007

Phil Collins Regrets Genesis Comeback

Rocker Phil Collins regrets agreeing to reunite with Genesis, because the comeback tour has kept him away from his two young sons.

The singer has split with his third wife Orianne Cevey since agreeing to reform the band - and he hates the way the tour has left him thousands of miles away from Switzerland, where Cevey lives with their children Nicholas and Matthew.

He tells Mojo, "I'm not interested. My life is in turmoil. Frankly, at the moment I am living for my two little boys, so this tour is actually a pain in the arse because I'm away from home. I've been trying to keep it short. Every time somebody said we could pay for the tour if we do another four dates, I said no. I signed on to buy a blue suit: I don't want to end up with a red one."

The band formed in the 1960's and have sold 150 million albums worldwide placing them amongst the top thirty best selling acts of all time. Collins joined the band in 1870 as the drummer. But when Peter Gabriel left the band in 1975 Collins took over lead vocals. Collins was a hit on vocals as the band had a string of successful albums throughout the eighties including Abacab, Genesis and Invisible Touch. Collins left the band in 1996 to focus on his solo work.

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