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20 août 2007

Talking Heads: Once (or Twice) In a Lifetime

...“I would not disagree that Remain in Light had the most influence on other musicians,” said Harrison, the band’s main multi-instrumentalist, attempting to play down the album’s legacy. “I think the things we were doing in that middle period have resonated in other people’s music.”

“It has a lot to do with what Peter Gabriel came out with ; the moment we stopped touring,”
noted drummer Frantz...

...Weymouth suggests the troubles that ultimately burned down the house began as Byrne was about to begin collaboration with Eno on their My Life in the Bush of Ghosts. A European journalist asked her, “‘How do you feel that David is leaving the group?’ And we said, ‘This is news to us.’ He told us he was going to make a solo record with Brian Eno.” Following completion of the recording, it’s Weymouth’s contention that Byrne and Eno had fallen out.

“But we didn’t know that. He didn’t tell us,” says Weymouth. “Chris and I, who had always loved Brian Eno, asked him once more to come in and jam with us…”

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