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31 octobre 2007

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Yungchen Lhamo brings the voice that crossed the Himalayas to escape occupied Tibet to Archa 31 October.

The headliner: Yungchen Lhamo

Yungchen Lhamo's story is almost as amazing as her voice – which is saying something, given that her voice got her dubbed "Goddess of Melody and Song" by a Tibetan lama. Born in a labour camp in Chinese-occupied Tibet. Put to work at a carpet factory at age five. Taught to sing devotional songs by her grandmother. Escaped to India via a 1,000-mile trek across the Himalayas. Now settled in the West and signed to Peter Gabriel's label, Lhamo has taken audiences worldwide into the mystic with her soaring a cappella performances. Following up her star turn at this year's Colours of Ostrava, she will again thrill local crowds as part of the Colours-organised Caravan of Voices concert series. (31 October, 8 p.m., Divadlo Archa)

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on tour with Gabriel a dit…

Je ne savais pas tout ça !!