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15 novembre 2007

B&W Gathers Up ‘Society of Sound’ for Its Website

Loudspeaker manufacturer Bowers & Wilkins has enlisted musicians, producers and product developers as 'fellows' in its informative musical society.

Bowers & Wilkins is looking to add a little bit of audiophile to anyone who owns or is interested in reading about its loudspeaker products. The company is embarking on an educational, resourceful and fun area of its website for those who want to read more about the loudspeaker and audio industry.

B&W’s “Society of Sound” caters to all types of people in the industry, as evidenced by the company’s “fellows” who will help spread their passion for sound through articles, interviews and other means of inspiration.

Just to name a few, the fellows include renowned artists such as Peter Gabriel, “Live from Abbey Road” producers Peter Van Hooke and Michael Gleason, and music professer Tod Machover. You can watch interviews with many of the fellows already posted on the B&W site.

The first article in the Society of Sound is in the category of the Future of Sound, and it’s called “Beyond the Optical Disc” about the digital music format. It culminates with thoughts on a “digital music player” like a CD player, only it’s essentially a straight-to-component type of player, with among its capabilities would be sending broadband downloads right to it for safekeeping or burning. Kind of a more streamlined PC for just audio. Some of us are well on our way there.

November 13, 2007 | by Arlen Schweiger Via: Audio Junkies

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