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06 décembre 2007

Daniel Lanois New Album Due Digitally Dec. 15

Daniel Lanois made himself known in the 1980s by producing artists such as Bob Dylan, Peter Gabriel and U2. But now, several solo albums later, Lanois plans to make waves with Here Is What Is, his sixth solo work, which will be available for download exclusively via his Red Floor Records label site in December.

In a refreshing move (for folks who actually own a pair of ears and don’t believe that iTunes and other digital distribution services deliver a quality-sounding product), Here Is What Is is the first digital download release in high-resolution, CD-quality WAV format for $9.99, as opposed to lower-quality MP3 resolution, which usually costs the same price. The album will also be available in stores March 18, but online pre-orders will be delivered digitally Dec. 15.

The album was recorded in a variety of locations – Toronto, Los Angeles and Louisiana – and showcases a variety of Lanois’ musical abilities and sensibilities. The album also includes interludes from Brian Eno, taken from the film version of Here Is What Is, which debuted at this year’s Toronto Film Festival and will be available on DVD in March.(Fitting, as Lanois started his career decades ago as an apprentice of Eno.) It was directed by Adam Vollick, Adam Samuels and Lanois.

For more information on Daniel Lanois, visit his official website, and you can also see his entire catalog of solo records at the Red Floor site.

1. Chest Of Drawers
2. Where Will I Be
3. Here Is What Is
4. Not Fighting Anymore
5. Beauty
6. Blue Bus
7. Lovechild
8. Harry
9. Bells
10. This May Be The Last Time
11. Smoke #6
12. I Like That
13. Duo Glide
14. Bladesteel
15. Moondog
16. Sacred And Secular
17. Joy
18. Luna Samba

Roxana Hadadi, December 3, 2007
(Photo Credit: Adam Samuels)

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