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13 février 2008

WOMAD February 2008 Update

By now, those New Year's resolutions will have been broken and the detox diet forgotten. So, you'll be ready to gorge on a feast of musical delights and flavours at WOMAD Charlton Park 2008.

The festival returns for a second time to Charlton Park and the confirmed dates are Friday 25th - Sunday 27th July 2008.

The WOMAD festival weekend aims to create a musical adventure, a journey with no particular destination. Your fellow travellers are the sixty-odd artists from 36 countries who bring their music, dance and expression to the festival.

We have a really great line-up in store for you at WOMAD Charlton Park this year plus we'll be offering more workshops, more participation and a re-designed and expanded festival site with improved access, car parking and camping facilities.

Some of the artists featured at WOMAD Charlton Park 2008 will be familiar to the festival audience, others entirely new. It's just up to you, to jump in and take a bite!

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