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25 avril 2008

Peter's April Update

Peter's back in the studio after some electric times in Sardinia and an eventful trip to California which included Global Philanthropy, Google's Larry Brilliant, The Filter, an encounter with a Lightsabre at Skywalker Ranch, and inspired recollections of an astronaut's floating hot-tub. You can catch tales of his travels and find him blending Brttany Spears with Dr Dre, all in the month's Full Moon Club video update.

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2 commentaires:

cossaw a dit…

Est-ce que tu as vu que la page Big Blue Ball sur Realword avait été mise à jour ?

Gabnews a dit…

Non, je n'avais pas encore vu cela;

Merci pour l'info Cossaw...

Je viens de visionner la video...mon dieu, comme tout ces braves gens ont veilli, Wallinger particulierement, comme nous avons tous veilli...;-)