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11 mai 2008

Joseph Arthur's Tumblelog Is Hot With Music, Photos

The Wired nation knows all about tumblelogs, text-lite microblogs that include art, audio, video and not much more. But indie artists are seizing upon them as vehicles for publicizing their works-in-progress. Earnest singer-songwriter Joseph Arthur has joined the tumblelog ranks with Bag is Hot, his ongoing musical and photographic journal. It's as interesting as a CD, without the material waste.

"Bag is Hot [is] like fresh popcorn for all the kids to grab," Joseph explained in a press release. "Digital hands eating the digital popcorn. This project is fun and doesn’t have to be precious, but it’s hard not to take it seriously and really work on it. It’s not, 'Bag is getting a little lukewarm. Bag is hot!' It’s gonna be slang soon!"

LISTEN: Joseph Arthur, "Nothing to Hide"

Arthur, who was initially discovered and signed by Peter Gabriel, is touring the UK throughout June, before crossing the pond to regale the United States in July. Songs from Bag is Hot will no doubt make their way onto three, count 'em, three of Arthur's releases this year, including the EPs Vagabond Skies (June 10) and Foreign Girls (July 8), as well as his September 2008 release Temporary People.

By Scott ThillMay 10, 2008

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