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12 juin 2008

Peter Gabriel To Spread Dengue Fever Around The World

by Paul Cashmere - June 12 2008 :

Peter Gabriel has signed Cambodian rock band Dengue Fever to his Real World label, for release outside North America.

Real World will pick up with the Dengue Fever catalogue at album number three, 'Venus on Earth'.

"We have Dengue Fever coming out on Real World Records outside the USA – it's really cool stuff with a small Cambodian singer and big American guys behind!" said Real World Records Founder and Musician Peter Gabriel. "They're California-based but have taken '60's Cambodian pop as their main source of inspiration and it's done with style. Its spirited, impassioned."

The Real World version for outside North America will include the unreleased live track 'One Thousand Tears of a Tarantula', recorded in March at World Café in Philadelphia.

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