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11 novembre 2008

Lanois on Halifax, deadwood and old guitars


There's only one problem with interviewing a guy like Daniel Lanois: you get more information than you can use. But we'll give it a shot. This column is the first of two featuring material that didn't fit into Wednesday's main story on Daniel Lanois, winner of 10 Grammys and five Junos.

Lanois was jazzed about playing live, saying he has a new appreciation for Halifax, an "old-fashioned town with contemporary thinking ... a lot of Bohemian energy, a lot of appreciation for quality, a lot of intelligence in the air."

Lanois said he'd rather "bump into people" from that sort of background than some of the more superficial folks he's been meeting in Toronto. "(They say), 'I'm an events promoter.' What the f---is that? 'I throw parties. You need me to have a nice party.' F---off!"

Then he laughed at his little rant, promising to stop using 'f---off' -- which, I might add, loses all of its impact when it's spelled with hyphens. "Maybe the state of the new economy will flush out some of the deadwood," he laughed. "If all the stockbrokers move out of Manhattan then all the musicians can move back in. That suits me fine."

Lanois is also a fan of old guitars, and said he's glad for the return of his old friend, a Fender Telecaster which has been in the employ of another star. "I got my Tele back from Peter Gabriel. I left it at his house for about 10 years." I don't know about you, but I hate it when Peter Gabriel borrows my stuff.

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