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22 février 2009

Annie Lennox: 'Shining Light'

By Nick Levine, Music Editor, digital spy

Released on Monday, March 2 2009

Member of the British rock aristocracy covers decade-old indie anthem for 'Best Of' comp – sounds pretty heinous, right? Imagine Sting taking on 'Last Nite' or Peter Gabriel having a crack at 'Pumping On Your Stereo'. But against the odds, Annie Lennox's cover of 'Shining Light' – an Ivor Novello winner for Ash back in 2001, lest we forget – is the best thing she's done in years.

This is largely because it's filled with something Lennox's own songs have been missing lately – joy. Here she sounds positively radiant, wrapping her still magnificent voice around Tim Wheeler's tender, vaguely spiritual lyrics. The result, flanked by typically gorgeous Lennox harmonies, is really quite life-affirming. Hmm... maybe Sting should think about that Strokes cover after all?

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