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24 juillet 2005

Kate Bush may like hamsters

Dom Joly: Kate Bush may like hamsters, but I believe the world is the poorer for it. I loved the whole Babushka, Heathcliff, Peter Gabriel hugging thing she had. She's wasting her life down here

Down in the country I always write sitting in the same place. I have a desk facing a window that looks out over the rose garden and past a gorgeously dilapidated Cotswold barn which I keep meaning to turn into an incredibly expensive Cotswold spa-type place. I would sell beauty treatments made from cow-pats and start a cosmetics range called Cow's Bum. Sadly, I know it would never work - people just aren't that gullible. Anyway, I digress. When I say that I have a desk you're probably assuming that it's in some leather-lined, book-bedecked inner-sanctum-type room, where I kick back my heels with a large glass of Gevry Chambertin and a fat Cohiba while my 72 trained chimpanzees type away churning out my various literary exploits..... [Article Length: 571 words (approx.) ]

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