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17 septembre 2005

Womadshop : Still Growing Up - Live and Unwrapped

Still Growing Up - Live and Unwrapped-Peter Gabriel

£14.99 including postage and packing to France

Available for pre-order, released on: Mon 31 Oct 2005

Order 'Still Growing Up - Live and Unwrapped' today and be one of the first 500 to receive a free Still Growing Up Tour T shirt of your choice.

This offer applies to Still Growing Up Tour T shirts only - Please make your choice from the shop and email your details(colour and size)to Don't forget to include your name and order reference number.

Still Growing Up- Live and Unwrapped

November 2003 saw the release of Peter Gabriel’s ‘Growing Up Live’ DVD, chronicling his World Tour, which was celebrated for its spectacular theatrics. ‘Still Growing Up Live and Unwrapped’ brings Peter Gabriel together again with the award winning director, Hamish Hamilton, capturing

his performances in all sorts of smaller and more intimate venues around Europe for the Live film. It was an opportunity to perform songs which were not part of the original Growing Up Tour
White Ashes, San Jacinto, Games Without Frontiers, Tower, Come Talk To Me, Burn You Up, Biko.

The Unwrapped film explores the world behind the songs, with Anna Gabriel taking the Director’s chair with the collaboration of Hamish Hamilton.

> 1. The Feeling Begins (from Passion)
> 2. Red Rain
> 3. Secret World
> 4. White Ashes
> 5. Games Without Frontiers
> 6. Burn You Up
> 7. The Tower That Ate People
> 8. San Jacinto
> 9. Digging In The Dirt
> 10. Solsbury Hill
> 11. Sledge Hammer
> 12. Come Talk To Me
> 13. Biko
> Bonus track from Still Growing Up Tour
‘In Your Eyes’
> ‘No Self Control’ from 'P.O.V.'
> 1. The Feeling Begins (from Passion)
> 2. Red Rain
> 3. Secret World
> 4. White Ashes
> 5. Burn You Up
> 6. San Jacinto
> 7. Digging In The Dirt
> 8. Solsbury Hill
> 9. Sledge Hammer
> 10. The Tower That Ate People
> 11. Come Talk To Me
> 12. Biko
> Exclusive early studio footage of Peter and the band performing
Darkness’, ' No Way Out’ and ‘Growing Up’
> Peter Gabriel performing ‘Downside Up’ and ‘Father, Son’ on the BBC
> show 'Later…with Jools Holland'

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