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21 octobre 2005

Chernov’s choice

By Sergey Chernov , Staff Writer

Moloko, a leading local underground club that is closing at its current location, will say goodbye with concerts by popular bands Tequilajazzz (Friday) and Markscheider Kunst (Saturday).

Sunday will be an all-day farewell party. The club will open at 11 a.m. to hold a table football tournament in the afternoon and a concert by dub band Samosad Bend. Entrance is free.

Two international prog-rock giants will perform in the city this week. The Tony Levin Band was formed by the legendary bass player Tony Levin. Levin, who released three solo albums and one as the Tony Levin Band, is better known as member of King Crimson and Peter Gabriel’s band. His playing can be also heard on many classic albums, including Lou Reed’s “Berlin” (1973), Paul Simon’s “Still Crazy After All These Years” (1975), John Lennon’s “Double Fantasy” (1980), Tom Waits’ “Rain Dogs” (1985), Brian Ferry’s “Boys and Girls” (1985) and David Bowie’s “Heathen” (2002).

The Tony Levin Band concert is part of the so-called “King Crimson Festival,” a series of British prog-rock related events launched by Moscow promoter Alexander Cheparukhin after he brought King Crimson to Russia in July 2003. The previous three concerts were by the duo TU consisting of the band’s members Trey Gunn and Pat Mastelotto in April 2004, Bill Bruford Earthworks in May 2004 and Quodia, a project from Gunn and Joe Mendelson, in October 2004.

The Tony Levin Band perform at the Center for Contemporary Art (formerly Priboi film theater) on Friday.

Also due is the comeback tour of Van der Graaf Generator, the seminal prog-rock band from the 1960s and 1970s, which reformed earlier this year. Van der Graaf Generator will play at the Music Hall on Tuesday....

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