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07 décembre 2005

Jolie sparks a riot at Witness gala

Jolie sparks a riot at Witness gala

07/12/2005 - 10:13:05

Angelina Jolie sparked a near riot at New York's The Supper Club on Monday night when she arrived late for a benefit and refused to pose for pictures. Enraged paparazzi, who had spent over two hours waiting for the special guest speaker at Peter Gabriel's Witness gala in near freezing temperatures, rushed the actress as she attempted to sneak in a back entrance.

Jolie quickly found herself surrounded by the snappers and barked orders to her security team to keep them at bay. The actress was then forced to plead with the photographers to "back up," pushing one woman's camera away when she got too close.

Ever-professional Jolie agreed to sign a handful of autographs as she continued to plead with the snappers to give her room. Eventually, three minutes after arriving at The Supper Club, angry Jolie hissed: "You're not backing up," before dashing inside the venue. Jolie agreed to briefly pose for pictures outside the venue after giving a speech at the gala, held to highlight the plight of refugees in Sierra Leone.

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