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08 décembre 2005

Peter Gabriel's Still Got it, For The Most Part!

Peter Gabriel shows off his stuff in many smaller venues, the 2 Disc DVD shows Peter in his show spectacle best, and just playing the music and getting more intimate. Disc one shows the live performances at various venues, and Peter Gabriel shows that he still has the charisma and appeal he has always provided.

Disc two, although not exactly what I was expecting, shows Peter Gabriel with a lot of dialogue and documentary stuff, but it really does let the true fans more of a behind the scenes adaptation, if you are not a huge fan of Gabriel, disc two may seem more redundant than entertaining, but for real fans it is a treat to get to know the man and his ideas and thought patterns a bit more.

When one thinks of rockers that are what I sometimes refer to as Geriatric Rock, we may think more along the lines of Alice Cooper, Mick Jagger and the boys etc. The ones that have lost their Rock Icon status are the likes of Balladeers like Elton John and Phil Collins, and Rod Stewart, although doing well with the "American Songbook" discs has totally re-invented himself and left many fans scratching their heads in bewilderment.

OK, now what about Peter Gabriel........ Well, although not a true "rocker" in style, Peter Gabriel delivered some of the best alternative new wave music there was going around with his staple hits like "Sledgehammer" and "Games Without Frontiers" (Both included on this DVD compilation).

Gabriel shows that he does still have what it takes, stage presence and charismatic performances are still intact. Peter's vocals for the most part are still there as well, however on tracks like "Sledgehammer" you can hear some vocal limitations, and of course just looking at the pop-icon we realize that he didn't age as gracefully as some of his peers (Not walking dead like Keith Richards, but noticeably aging just the same). Still Growing Up Live & Unwrapped has the mega hits, as well as fan favorites to be enjoyed, also includes bonus tracks "In Your Eyes" (2004 Growing Up Live Tour) and "No Self Control" (from 1988's This Way Up world tour).

Bottom line, for sure worth the cost, I mean come on, a concert in your living room and more about Peter Gabriel, from his own mind, all in one package for about the price of a CD..... Seems like a no-brainer to me.

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