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06 juin 2006

Pride supplement celebrates 101 great citizens

The Bath Chronicle campaign to make its readers feel good about their city has taken another step forward with the publication of a free 32-page supplement of 101 great Bathonians. The supplement is part of the Pride in Bath campaign which has been running since October to encourage people to salute the achievements of their community.

The supplement includes people like King Edgarthe first King of England who was crowned at Bath Abbey – through to modern day stars such as jazz singer Jamie Cullum and England rugby hero Jeremy Guscott. The supplement features academics, scientists, business people, writers and many more people have been associated with Bath over the centuries. It was compiled by the Bath editorial team spearheaded by features editor Georgette McCready and design editor Liz Burcher with input from the Chronicle’s own readers who were asked to nominate their favourite Bathonians for the supplement.

Editor Sam Holliday said he was delighted with the supplement which was part of his continuing campaign to try and increase civic pride amongst the Chronicle’s readers. He said: "Bath really does have an amazing history and has produced many famous people. "We have tried to cover all the bases and included people who everyone will have heard of such as Jane Austen, Roger Bannister, Peter Gabriel and the scourge of young journalists everywhere - shorthand king Isaac Pitman. Just as importantly, however, we have also featured those who just work really hard in Bath on a day to day basis to ensure the city is as successful as it is."

The Pride in Bath campaign is one which the editor says should never actually have an end point. He said: "With many other campaigns I have been involved in, you start something off, you hopefully get the result you want and then you close it down. This one is different though. I think it is the duty of a newspaper to not only reflect the bad news in its community but also to look for, and then cheer, the achievements. Pride in Bath focuses all our minds on trying to look on the brighter side of life. "This latest supplement is just another example of how you can find things to applaud in every community - if you just take the trouble to look for them."

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