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11 juin 2006

Arquette Got Gabriel Song in movie

Rosanna Arquette loved the film Say Anything so much, she begged boyfriend Peter Gabriel to put the song he wrote about her, In Your Eyes, in the movie. Gabriel had been approached by director Cameron Crowe, who wasn't well known at the time, to use the track in a pivotal scene where character Lloyd Dobler stands outside his true love's window blasting the song from a boom box.

Arquette explains, ""That is a beautiful song, it's a beautiful song." Cameron Crowe had wanted that in his movie Say Anything and a long time ago I remember Peter had had that tape of the movie on top of the TV for a couple of months. "I said, 'What is this?' and he said, 'Oh, this guy wants to use the song' and he hadn't seen the movie yet." The actress popped in the video and immediately convinced her boyfriend that the film was fantastic.Arquette says she has told Crowe about the incident and he has thanked her profusely.

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