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08 juillet 2006

CD Live8 at Eden, Africa Calling


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Date de sortie : 31/07/2006

Live8 at Eden
garnered some faint praise at the time, but from the sound of this recording, it was more fun than the Hyde Park gig. Assembled at short notice by the Eden Project's Tim Smit, Womad's Thomas Brooman and friends such as Peter Gabriel and YoussouN'Dour, the Eden Project concert was an organisational triumph as well as a musical one. And it's good to have a multi-artist disc of such richness, from the exuberant hip-hop of Daara J to the spine-chilling guitar-trance of Tinariwen; from the undulating mbira of Chartwell Dutiro to the irrepressible Congolese strut of Kanda Bongo Man. There are no weak spots. Africa Calling isn't just a right-on purchase, but a fine collection of contemporary world music.

* Audio CD (26 Jun 2006)
* Label: Realworld

Track Listings

1. Set - N'Dour, Youssou & Super Etoile
2. Beyeza - Shikisha
3. Agolo - Kidjo, Angelique
4. Barco Negro - Mariza
5. Louanges - El Sikameya, Akim
6. Amassakoul - Tinariwen
7. Lumbul - Diouf, Modou & O Fogum
8. Kuvarira Mukati - Mapfumo, Thomas & Blacks Unltd.
9. Lapwony - Oryema, Geoffrey
10. Mbani - Siyaya
11. Lei Lie - Mursal, Maryam
12. Billi - Kanda Bongo Man
13. Gua - Jal, Emmanuel
14. Na Menguele - Mbassi, Coco
15. Changamire - Dutiro, Chartwell
16. Lori Swela - Ogada, Ayub & Uno
17. Exodus - Daara J
18. New Africa - N'Dour, Youssou & Super Etoile

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